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Journal of the Mineralogical Society of America

Volume 81       September-October 1996


Markus Rauch, Hans Keppler, Wolfgang Häfner, Brent Poe, and Alexander Wokaun
A pressure-induced phase transition in MgSiO3-rich garnet revealed by Raman spectroscopy    1289
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Lars Stixrude, Ronald E. Cohen, Rici Yu, and Henry Krakauer
Prediction of phase transition in CaSiO3 perovskite and implications for lower mantle structure    1293
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K.-U. Hess and D.B. Dingwell
Viscosities of hydrous leucogranitic melts: A non-Arrhenian model    1297
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Robert M. Hazen and Alexandra Navrotsky
Effects of pressure on order-disorder reactions    1021
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Carrick M. Eggleston, Jean-Jacques Ehrhardt, and Werner Stumm
Surface structural controls on pyrite oxidation kinetics: An XPS-UPS, STM, and modeling study    1036
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Kenton D. Hammonds, Martin T. Dove, Andrew P. Giddy, Volker Heine, and Björn Winkler
Rigid-unit phonon modes and structural phase transitions in framework silicates    1057
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Eugen Libowitzky and George R. Rossman
FTIR spectroscopy of lawsonite between 82 and 325 K    1080
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Bruno Reynard and David C. Rubie
High-pressure, high-temperature Raman spectroscopic study of ilmenite-type MgSiO3    1092
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George A. Lager and Robert B. Von Dreele
Neutron powder diffraction study of hydrogarnet to 9.0 Gpa    1097
Full Text (704 K)

Michael E. Fleet
Sodium tetrasilicate: A complex high-pressure framework silicate (Na6Si3[Si9O27])    1105
Full Text (636 K)

M. Gregorkiewitz, B. Lebech, M. Mellini, and C. Viti
Hydrogen positions and thermal expansion in lizardite-1T from Elba: A low-temperature study using Rietveld refinement of neutron diffraction data     1111
Full Text (524 K)

Hexiong Yang and Bernard W. Evans
X-ray structure refinements of tremolite at 140 and 295 K: Crystal chemistry and petrologic implications    1117
Full Text (908 K)

Huifang Xu, David R. Veblen, Gufeng Luo, and Jiyue Xue
Transmission electron microscopy study of the thermal decomposition of tremolite into clinopyroxene    1126
Full Text (712 K)

Sang-Heon Shim, Soo Jin Kim, and Jung Ho Ahn
Quantitative analysis of alkali feldspar minerals using Rietveld refinement of X-ray diffraction data     1133
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L. Chai and A. Navrotsky
Synthesis, characterization, and energetics of solid solution along the dolomite-ankerite join, and implications for the stability of ordered CaFe(CO3)2    1141
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AMMIAY 81(9-10)1021-1300 ISSN 0003-004X


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C. Romano, J.E. Mungall, T. Sharp, and D.B. Dingwell
Tensile strengths of hydrous vesicular glasses: An experimental study    1148
Full Text (700 K)

Frank Schulze, Harald Behrens, François Holtz, Jacques Roux, and Wilhelm Johannes
The influence of H2O on the viscosity of a haplogranitic melt    1155
Full Text (972 K)

I.S. McCallum and Hugh E. O'Brien
Stratigraphy of the lunar highland crust: Depths of burial of lunar samples from cooling-rate studies    1166
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George B. Morgan VI and David London
Optimizing the electron microprobe analysis of hydrous alkali aluminosilicate glasses    1176
Full Text (932 K)

Marcel Kamperman, Leonid V. Danyushevsky, Wayne R. Taylor, and Wieslav Jablonski
Direct oxygen measurements of Cr-rich spinel: Implications for spinel stoichiometry    1186
Full Text (748 K)

Craig S. Schwandt, James J. Papike, and Charles K. Shearer
Trace element zoning in pelitic garnet of the Black Hills, South Dakota    1195
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Jibamitra Ganguly, Sumit Chakraborty, Thomas G. Sharp, and Douglas Rumble III
Constraint on the time scale of biotite-grade metamorphism during Acadian orogeny from a natural garnet-garnet diffusion couple    1208
Full Text (980 K)

J.G. Liou and R.Y. Zhang
Occurrences of intergranular coesite in ultrahigh-P rocks from the Sulu region, eastern China: Implications for lack of fluid during exhumation    1217
Full Text (636 K)

Ruedi Sperlich, Reto Gieré, and Martin Frey
Evolution of compositional polarity and zoning in tourmaline during prograde metamorphism of sedimentary rocks in the Swiss Central Alps    1222
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Gregory R. Lumpkin and Rodney C. Ewing
Geochemical alteration of pyrochlore group minerals: Betafite subgroup    1237
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Benjamin Hanson, John W. Delano, and David J. Lindstrom
High-precision analysis of hydrous rhyolitic glass inclusions in quartz phenocrysts using the electron microprobe and INAA    1249
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Janusz Janeczek and Rodney C. Ewing
Florencite-(La) with fissiogenic REEs from a natural fission reactor at Bangombé, Gabon    1263
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Joël Brugger and Peter Berlepsch
Description and crystal structure of fianelite, Mn2V(V,As)O7·2H2O, a new mineral from Fianel, Val Ferrera, Graubünden, Switzerland    1270
Full Text (712 K)

Stefano Merlino, Marco Pasero, Natale Perchiazzi, and Anthony R. Kampf
Laurelite: Its crystal structure and relationship to α-PbF2    1277
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John L. Jambor, Vladimir A. Kovalenker, Jacek Puziewicz, and Andrew C. Roberts
Full Text (484 K)


Dana T. Griffen
PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF EARTH MATERIALS. By Alexandra Navrotsky. Cambridge University Press, 1994. xiv + 417 pages.
Full Text (216 K)

David Virgo
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