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Journal of the Mineralogical Society of America

Volume 81       November-December 1996


Jiuhua Chen, Rui Li, John B. Parise, and Donald J. Weidner
Pressure induced ordering in (Ni,Mg)2SiO4 olivine    1519
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Simon C. Kohn
The solubility of H2O in nominally anhydrous mantle minerals using 1H MAS NMR    1523
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Martin Kunz, Dimitrios Xirouchakis, Donald H. Lindsley, and Daniel Häusermann
High pressure phase transition in titanite (CaTiOSiO4)    1527
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Bjorn Mysen
Phosphorus speciation changes across the glass transition in polymerized alkali silicate glasses and melts    1531
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Udo Becker, Michael F. Hochella Jr., and Edoardo Aprà
The electronic structure of hematite {001} surfaces: Applications to the interpretation of STM images and heterogeneous surface reactions    1301
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J.F. Stebbins
Magnesium site exchange in forsterite: A direct measurement by high-temperature 25Mg NMR spectroscopy    1315
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C. Closmann, E. Knittle, and F. Bridges
An XAFS study of the crystal chemistry of Fe in orthopyroxene    1321
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Stuart A. Hayward and Ekhard K.H. Salje
Displacive phase transition in anorthoclase: The "plateau effect" and the effect of T1-T2 ordering on the transition temperature    1332
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Piera Benna, Mario Tribaudino, and Emiliano Bruno
The structure of ordered and disordered lead feldspar (PbAl2Si2O8)    1337
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Robert T. Downs, Aaron Andalman, and Marc Hudacsko
The coordination numbers of Na and K atoms in low albite and microcline as determined from a procrystal electron-density distribution    1344
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Mark D. Welch, Paul F. Schofield, Gordon Cressey, and Chris J. Stanley
Cation ordering in lead-molybdenum-vanadium oxychlorides    1350
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Huifang Xu and David R. Veblen
Superstructures and domain structures in natural and synthetic kalsilite    1360
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Huifang Xu and Peter R. Buseck
TEM investigation of the domain structure and superstructure in hillebrandite, Ca2SiO3(OH)2    1371
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Ishmael Hassan
Direct observation of phase transitions in aluminate sodalite, Ca8[Al12O24](CrO4)2    1375
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AMMIAY 81(11-12)1301-1564 ISSN 0003-004X


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S.L. Cady, H.-R. Wenk, and K.H. Downing
HRTEM of microcrystalline opal in chert and porcelanite from the Monterey Formation, California    1380
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Huifang Xu, Yiqiang Zhang, and David R. Veblen
Periodic and nonperiodic interstratification in the chlorite-biotite series    1396
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Lubomír Smrcok and Lubomír Benco
Ab initio periodic Hartree-Fock study of lizardite 1T     1405
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Tim Holland and Roger Powell
Thermodynamics of order-disorder in minerals: I. Symmetric formalism applied to minerals of fixed composition    1413
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Tim Holland and Roger Powell
Thermodynamics of order-disorder in minerals: II. Symmetric formalism applied to solid solutions    1425
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Aurora Pun and James J. Papike
Unequilibrated eucrites and the equilibrated Juvinas eucrite: Pyroxene REE systematics and major, minor, and trace element zoning    1438
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C. Waters and A.E. Boudreau
A reevaluation of crystal-size distributions in chromite cumulates    1452
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Helen M. Lang
Pressure-temperature-reaction history of metapelitic rocks from the Maryland Piedmont on the basis of correlated garnet zoning and plagioclase-inclusion composition    1460
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Raymond Jonckheere and Peter Van den haute
Observations on the geometry of etched fission tracks in apatite: Implications for models of track revelation    1476
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Paola Bonazzi and Fiorenzo Mazzi
Bottinoite, Ni(H2O)6[Sb(OH)6]2: Crystal structure, twinning, and hydrogen-bond model    1494
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Mizuhiko Akizuki, Yasuhiro Kudoh, and Takahiro Kuribayashi
Crystal structures of the {011}, {610}, and {010} growth sectors in brewsterite    1501
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Marcus Nowak, Harald Behrens, and Wilhelm Johannes
A new type of high-temperature, high-pressure cell for spectroscopic studies of hydrous silicate melts    1507
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John L. Jambor, Edward S. Grew, and Andrew C. Roberts
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