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Journal of the Mineralogical Society of America

Volume 81       March-April 1996


Dan Sykes and J.D. Kubicki
Four-membered rings in silica and aluminosilicate glasses   265
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Daniel L. Farber and Quentin Williams
An in situ Raman spectroscopic study of Na2Si2O5 at high pressures and temperatures: Structures of compressed liquids and glasses    273
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D.J. Stein and F.J. Spera
Molecular dynamics simulations of liquids and glasses in the system NaAlSiO4-SiO2: Physical properties and transport mechanisms   284
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Anatoly B. Belonoshko and Leonid S. Dubrovinsky
Molecular dynamics of NaCl (B1 and B2) and MgO (B1) melting: Two-phase simulation    303
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Pamela C. Burnley and Alexandra Navrotsky
Synthesis of high-pressure hydrous magnesium silicates: Observations and analysis    317
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Robert M. Hazen, Robert T. Downs, and Larry W. Finger
High-pressure crystal chemistry of LiScSiO4: An olivine with nearly isotropic compression    327
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A.R. Pawley, S.A.T. Redfern, and T.J.B. Holland
Volume behavior of hydrous minerals at high pressure and temperature: I. Thermal expansion of lawsonite, zoisite, clinozoisite, and diaspore    335
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T.J.B. Holland, S.A.T. Redfern, and A.R. Pawley
Volume behavior of hydrous minerals at high pressure and temperature: II. Compressibilities of lawsonite, zoisite, clinozoisite, and epidote    341
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Martin T. Dove, S. Thayaparam, Volker Heine, and Kenton D. Hammonds
The phenomenon of low Al-Si ordering temperatures in aluminosilicate framework structures    349
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Hexiong Yang and Joseph R. Smyth
Crystal structure of a P21/m ferromagnesian cummingtonite at 140 K    363
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Simon A.T. Redfern and C. Michael B. Henderson
Monoclinic-orthorhombic phase transition in K2MgSi5O12 leucite analog    369
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Richard J. Harrison and Andrew Putnis
Magnetic properties of the magnetite-spinel solid solution: Curie temperatures, magnetic susceptibilities, and cation ordering    375
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Fabrice Brunet and Torsten Schaller
Protons in the magnesium phosphates phosphoellenbergerite and holtedahlite: An IR and NMR study    385
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Bernard Charoy, Philippe de Donato, Odile Barres, and Cristina Pinto-Coelho
Channel occupancy in an alkali-poor beryl from Serra Branca (Goias, Brazil): Spectroscopic characterization    395
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Bernard H. Grobéty
New short-range biopyribole polysomes from the Lepontine Alps, Switzerland    404
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A.M. Hofmeister, T.J. Fagan, K.M. Campbell, and R.B. Schaal
Single-crystal IR spectroscopy of pyrope-almandine garnets with minor amounts of Mn and Ca    418
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G. Ottonello, M. Bokreta, and P.F. Sciuto
Parameterization of energy and interactions in garnets: End-member properties    429
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Craig S. Schwandt, Randall T. Cygan, and Henry R. Westrich
Ca self-diffusion in grossular garnet    448
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AMMIAY 81(3-4)265-524 ISSN 0003-004X


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C. Romano, D.B. Dingwell, H. Behrens, and D. Dolfi
Compositional dependence of H2O solubility along the joins NaAlSi3O8-KAlSi3O8, NaAlSi3O8-LiAlSi3O8, and KAlSi3O8-LiAlSi3O8    452
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Max W. Schmidt and Alan B. Thompson
Epidote in calc-alkaline magmas: An experimental study of stability, phase relationships, and the role of epidote in magmatic evolution    462
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Gary L. Cygan, I-Ming Chou, and David M. Sherman
Reinvestigation of the annite = sanidine + magnetite + H2 reaction using the ƒH2-sensor technique    475
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John M. Ferry
Three novel isograds in metamorphosed siliceous dolomites from the Ballachulish aureole, Scotland    485
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Albert Léger, Carolyn Rebbert, and Jim Webster
Cl-rich biotite and amphibole from Black Rock Forest, Cornwall, New York    495
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Werner Krause, Heinz-Jürgen Bernhardt, Walter Gebert, Heribert Graetsch, Klaus Belendorff, and Klaus Petitjean
Medenbachite, Bi2Fe(Cu,Fe)(O,OH)2(OH)2(AsO4)2, a new mineral species: Its description and crystal structure    505
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Y. Nathan
Mechanism of CO32- substitution in carbonate-fluorapatite: Evidence from FTIR spectroscopy, 13C NMR, and quantum mechanical calculations---Discussion    513
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P. Regnier and R.A. Berner
Mechanism of CO32- substitution in carbonate-fluorapatite: Evidence from FTIR spectroscopy, 13C NMR, and quantum mechanical calculations---Reply to Nathan    515
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John L. Jambor, Nikolai N. Pertsev, and Andrew C. Roberts
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Stephen Guggenheim
Memorial of Sturges William Bailey, 1919-1994
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Peter J. Heaney
HANDBOOK OF MINERALOGY, VOLUME 2: SILICA, SILICATES. By J. W. Anthony, R. A. Bideaux, K. W. Bladh, and M. C. Nichols. Mineral Data Publishing, Tucson, Arizona, 1995. xiv + 904 pages in two parts.
Full Text (108 K)


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