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Volume 80 January-February 1995 Numbers 1 and 2



G. Artioli, R. Rinaldi, C. C. Wilson, P. F. Zanazzi
High-temperature Fe-Mg cation partitioning in olivine: In-situ single-crystal neutron diffraction study   197
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Catherine A. McCammon
Equation of state, bonding character, and phase transition of cubanite, CuFe2S3, studied from 0 to 5 GPa   1
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Hexiong Yang, Subrata Ghose
A transitional structural state and anomalous Fe-Mg order-disorder in Mg-rich orthopyroxene, (Mg0.75Fe0.25)2Si2O6   9
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Yunxiang Ni, John M. Hughes, Anthony N. Mariano
Crystal chemistry of the monazite and xenotime structures   21
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Andrew Locock, Robert W. Luth, Ronald G. Cavell, Dorian G. W. Smith, M. John M. Duke
Spectroscopy of the cation distribution in the schorlomite species of garnet   27
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Peter J. Dirken, Arno P. M. Kentgens, Gerda H. Nachtegaal, Ad M. J. Van Der Eerden, J. Ben H. Jansen
Solid-state MAS NMR study of pentameric aluminosilicate groups with 180 intertetrahedral Al-O-Si angles in zunyite and harkerite   39
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J. Stephen Huebner, Roberta G. Dillenburg
Impedance spectra of hot, dry silicate minerals and rock: Qualitative interpretation of spectra   46
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Sturges W. Bailey, Jillian F. Banfield, William W. Barker, George Katchan
Dozyite, a 1:1 regular interstratification of serpentine and chlorite   65
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Bernardo Cesare, Bernard Grobety
Epitaxial replacement of kyanite by staurolite: A TEM study of the microstructures   78
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Huifang Xu, David R. Veblen
Transmission electron microscopy study of optically anisotropic and isotropic haüyne   87
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François Holtz, Harald Behrens, Donald B. Dingwell, Wilhelm Johannes
H20 solubility in haplogranitic melts: Compositional, pressure, and temperature dependence   94
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Jeffrey M. Rosenbaum, Matthew M. Slagel
C-O-H speciation in piston-cylinder experiments   109
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Allan H. Treiman
Ca-rich carbonate melts: A regular-solution model, with applications to carbonatite magma + vapor equilibria and carbonate lavas on Venus   115
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Cherith M. R. Letargo, William M. Lamb, Jong-Sim Park
Comparison of calcite + dolomite thermometry and carbonate + silicate equilibria: Constraints on the conditions of metamorphism of the Llano uplift, central Texas, U.S.A.   131
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AMMIAY 80(1-2)1-200 ISSN 0003-004X


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Brent E. Owens, Robert F. Dymek
Significance of pyroxene megacrysts for massif anorthosite petrogenesis: Constraints from the Labrieville, Quebec, pluton   144
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Bernard E. Leake, Colin M. Farrow, Roger Townend
K-poor titanian fluor-richterite from near Nullagine, Western Australia   162
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Frank C. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, Elio Cannillo, Nicola Sardone, Alberto Zanetti, Joel D. Grice, Paul M. Ashley
A new anhydrous amphibole from the Hoskins mine, Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia: Description and crystal structure of ungarettiite, NaNa2[Mn22+Mn33+]Si8O22O2   165
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Vongshan Dai, Jeffrey E. Post, Daniel E. Appleman
Crystal structure of minehillite: Twinning and structural relationships to reyerite   173
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Anthony R. Kampf, Eugene E. Foord
Artroeite, PbAlF3(OH)2, a new mineral from the Grand Reef mine, Graham County, Arizona: Description and crystal structure   179
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John L. Jambor, Andrew C. Roberts
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Peter H. Nixon
Memorial of Oleg von Knorring, 1915-1994   189
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William E. Benson, Charles B. Sclar
Memorial of Alvin Van Valkenburg, Jr., 1913-1991   191
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S. W. Bailey
Memorial of Richard Conrad Emmons, 1898-1993   194
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