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Volume 79 November-December 1994 Numbers 11 and 12



1215 Hans Keppler, Catherine A. McCammon, David C. Rubie
Crystal-field and charge-transfer spectra of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 perovskite
1219 Tibor Gasparik, Kenneth Wolf, Christopher M. Smith
Experimental determination of phase relations in the CaSiO3 system from 8 to 15 GPa
1223 T. B. Bai, A. F. Koster van Groos, Stephen Guggenheim
Phase transition, dehydration, and melting relationships of portlandite
1227 Lee R. Riciputi, Bruce A. Paterson
High spatial-resolution measurement of O isotope ratios in silicates and carbonates by ion microprobe


1025 Brian L. Phillips, R. James Kirkpatrick
Short-range Si-Al order in leucite and analcime: Determination of the configurational entropy from 27Al and variable-temperature 29Si NMR spectroscopy of leucite, its Cs- and Rb-exchanged derivatives, and analcime
1032 D. A. Hugh-Jones, A. B. Woodland, R. J. Angel
The structure of high-pressure C2/c ferrosilite and crystal chemistry of high-pressure C2/c pyroxenes
1042 R. T. Downs, R. M. Hazen, L. W. Finger
The high-pressure crystal chemistry of low albite and the origin of the pressure dependency of Al-Si ordering
1053 Michael A. Carpenter, Roger Powell, Ekhard K. H. Salje
Thermodynamics of nonconvergent cation ordering in minerals: I. An alternative approach
1068 Michael A. Carpenter, Ekhard K. H. Salje
Thermodynamics of nonconvergent cation ordering in minerals: II. Spinels and the orthopyroxene solid solution
1084 Michael A. Carpenter, Ekhard K. H. Salje
Thermodynamics of nonconvergent cation ordering in minerals: III. Order parameter coupling in potassium feldspar
1099 Alexandra Navrotsky, Robert P. Rapp, Eugene Smelik, Pamela Burnley, Susan Circone, Liang Chai, Kunal Bose, Henry R. Westrich
The behavior of H2O and CO2 in high-temperature lead borate solution calorimetry of volatile-bearing phases
1110 Eugene A. Smelik, David M. Jenkins, Alexandra Navrotsky
A calorimetric study of synthetic amphiboles along the tremolite-tschermakite join and the heats of formation of magnesiohornblende and tschermakite
1123 Paula M. Davidson, Donald H. Lindsley
Effect of Ca-content and SiO2 activity on augite + olivine equilibria

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AMMIAY 79(11-12)1025-1260 ISSN 0003-004X


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1125 Claudia Romano, Donald B. Dingwell, S. Michael Sterner
Kinetics of quenching hydrous feldspathic melts: Quantification using synthetic fluid inclusions
1135 Woh-Jer Lee, Peter J. Wyllie, George R. Rossman
CO2-rich glass, round calcite crystals, and no liquid immiscibility in the system CaO-SiO2-CO2 at 2.5 GPa
1145 Jacques Roux, Francois Holtz, Andre Lefevre, Frank Schulze
A reliable high-temperature setup for internally heated pressure vessels: Applications to silicate melt studies
1150 S. Michael Sterner
Precise pressure control in hydrothermal experiments with cold-seal pressure vessels
1153 Craig E. Manning, Scott L. Boettcher
Rapid-quench hydrothermal experiments at mantle pressures and temperatures
1159 Huifang Liu, Luke L. Y. Chang
Lead and bismuth chalcogenide systems
1167 Paul A. Northrup, Richard J. Reeder
Evidence for the importance of growth-surface structure to trace element incorporation in topaz
1176 Paola Bonazzi, Silvio Menchetti
Structural variations induced by heat treatment in allanite and REE-bearing piemontite
1185 Stefano Merlino, Marco Pasero, Gilberto Artioli, Alexander P. Khomyakov
Penkvilksite, a new kind of silicate structure: OD character, X-ray single-crystal (1M), and powder Rietveld (2O) refinements of two MDO polytypes
1194 Marcello Mellini, Cecilia Viti
Crystal structure of lizardite-1T from Elba, Italy
1199 Frank C. Hawthorne, Mark Cooper, Pradip K. Sen Gupta
The crystal structure of pinchite, Hg5Cl2O4
1204 Shu-Chun Su
A revised dispersion method for determining the composition of olivine, orthopyroxene, augite, and plagioclase


1207 Kenton D. Hammonds, Martin T. Dove, Andrew P. Giddy, Volker Heine
Crush: A Fortran program for the analysis of the rigid-unit mode spectrum of a framework structure
John L. Jambor, Edward S. Grew, Andrew C. Roberts


1231 Brian J. Skinner
Memorial of Horace Winchell, 1915-1993

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