American Mineralogist - February-March 2014 Data

G. Diego Gatta, Ferdinando Bosi, Garry J. McIntyre and Ulf Hålenius
Static positional disorder in ulvöspinel: A single-crystal neutron diffraction study   255
Item #AM-14-212

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Ulf Hålenius and Ferdinando Bosi
Color of Mn-bearing gahnite: A first example of electronic transitions in heterovalent exchange coupled IVMn2+-VIMn3+ pairs in minerals   261
Item #AM-14-206

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Davide Lenaz, Nasrrddine Youbi, Angelo De Min, Moulay Ahmed Boumehdi and Mohamed Ben Abbou
Low intra-crystalline closure temperatures of 
Cr-bearing spinels from the mantle xenoliths of the Middle Atlas Neogene-Quaternary Volcanic Field (Morocco): Mineralogical evidence of a cooler mantle beneath the West African Craton   267
Item #AM-14-211

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Jakub Plášil, Lukáš Palatinus, Jan Rohlíček, 
Lenka Houdková, Mariana Klementová, Viktor Goliáš and Pavel Škácha
Crystal structure of lead uranyl carbonate mineral widenmannite: Precession electron-diffraction and synchrotron powder-diffraction study   276
Item #AM-14-203

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Stephen M. Elardo and Charles K. Shearer Jr.
Magma chamber dynamics recorded by oscillatory zoning in pyroxene and olivine phenocrysts in basaltic lunar meteorite Northwest Africa 032   355
Item #AM-14-209

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John M. Hughes, Hanna Nekvasil, Gokce Ustunisik, 
Donald H. Lindsley, Aron E. Coraor, John Vaughn, 
Brian L. Phillips, Francis M. McCubbin and William R. Woerner
Solid solution in the fluorapatite-chlorapatite binary system: High-precision crystal structure refinements of synthetic F-Cl apatite   369
Item #AM-14-207

Anisotropic displacement parameters (Table 5), observed and calculated structure factors (Tables 6a–6d), and CIFs (Table 7). zipped (94 KB)

Helen E. King, Hisao Satoh, Katsuo Tsukamoto and Andrew Putnis
Surface-specific measurements of olivine dissolution by phase-shift interferometry   377
Item #AM-14-216

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Michaël Paris
The two aluminum sites in the 27Al MAS NMR spectrum of kaolinite: Accurate determination of isotropic chemical shifts and quadrupolar interaction parametersr   393
Item #AM-14-215

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Yui Kouketsu, Tadao Nishiyama, Takeshi Ikeda and Masaki Enami
Evaluation of residual pressure in an inclusion–host system using negative frequency shift of quartz Raman spectra   433
Item #AM-14-201

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Joseph R. Smyth, Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova, 
Daniel Avignant, Malika El-Ghozzi and Sarah M. Hirner
Tetrahedral ferric iron in oxidized hydrous wadsleyite   458
Item #AM-14-208

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Peter J. Isaacson, Rachel L. Klima, Jessica M. Sunshine, Leah C. Cheek, Carle M. Pieters, Takahiro Hiroi, 
M. Darby Dyar, Melissa Lane and Janice Bishop
Visible to near-infrared optical properties of pure synthetic olivine across the olivine solid solution   467
Item #AM-14-217

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Ronald Miletich, G. Diego Gatta, Thomas Willi, 
Peter W. Mirwald, Paolo Lotti, Marco Merlini, 
Nicola Rotiroti and Thomas Loerting
Cordierite under hydrostatic compression: Anomalous elastic behavior as a precursor for a pressure-induced phase transition   479
Item #AM-14-214

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Can Rao, Rucheng Wang, Frédéric Hatert, Xiangping Gu, Luisa Ottolini, Huan Hu, Chuanwan Dong, Fabrice Dal Bo and Maxime Baijot
Strontiohurlbutite, SrBe2(PO4)2, a new mineral from Nanping No. 31 pegmatite, Fujian Province, Southeastern China   494
Item #AM-14-204

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Gian Carlo Capitani, Enrico Mugnaioli, Jordi Rius, 
Paolo Gentile, Tiziano Catelani, Andrea Lucotti and Ute Kolb
The Bi sulfates from the Alfenza Mine, Crodo, Italy: An automatic electron diffraction tomography (ADT) study   500
Item #AM-14-210

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Paola Comodi, Sabrina Nazzareni, Tonci Balić-Žunić, 
Azzurra Zucchini and Michael Hanfland
The high-pressure behavior of bloedite: A synchrotron single-crystal X-ray diffraction study   511
Item #AM-14-213

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Hexiong Yang, Robert T. Downs, Stanley H. Evans and William W. Pinch
Lavinskyite, K(LiCu)Cu6(Si4O11)2(OH)4, isotypic with plancheite, a new mineral from the Wessels mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, South Africa   525
Item #AM-14-205

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