Deposit Items for Volume 98, No. 0506, May-June 2013

Haohao Yi, Etienne Balan, Christel Gervais, Loïc Segalen, Franck Fayon, Damien Roche, Alain Person, Guillaume Morin, Maxime Guillaumet, Marc Blanchard, Michele Lazzeri, and Florence Babonneau
A carbonate-fluoride defect model for carbonate-rich fluorapatite   1066

Item #AM-13-060
Supplemental Material. zipped (24 KB)

Péter Németh, Stephen W. Lehner, Michail I. Petaev, and Peter R. Buseck
Kumdykolite, a high-temperature feldspar from an enstatite chondrite   1070

Item #AM-13-065
Crystallographic Information File zipped (4 KB)

Vratislav Hurai, Monika Huraiová, Rastislav Milovský, Jarmila Luptáková, and Patrik Konečný
High-pressure aragonite phenocrysts in carbonatite and carbonated syenite xenoliths within an alkali basalt   1074

Item #AM-13-063

Supplementary Tables 1 and 2. zipped (1 MB)

Elizabeth J. Catlos
Generalizations about monazite: Implications for geochronologic studies   819

Item #AM-13-045

Supplementary data zipped (68 KB)

Dogan Paktunc, Alain Manceau, and John Dutrizac
Incorporation of Ge in ferrihydrite: Implications for the structure of ferrihydrite   848

Item #AM-13-053

Supplementary Material including table and figures. zipped (1.4 MB)

Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, John R. Beckett, George R. Rossman, and Wenjun Liu
Kangite, (Sc,Ti,Al,Zr,Mg,Ca,)2O3, a new ultra-refractory scandia mineral from the Allende meteorite: Synchrotron micro-Laue diffraction and electron backscatter diffraction   870

Item #AM-13-064

Deposit Table and CIF. zipped (64 KB)

Franck Bourdelle, Teddy Parra, Olivier Beyssac, Christian Chopin, and Olivier Vidal
Clay minerals as geo-thermometer: A comparative study based on high spatial resolution analyses of illite and chlorite in Gulf Coast sandstones (Texas, U.S.A.)   914

Item #AM-13-047

Supplemental Appendix Files. zipped (1.4 MB)

Karine Devineau, Bertrand Devouard, Hugues Leroux, and Laurent Tissandier
Incorporation of Zn in the destabilization products of muscovite at 1175 °C under disequilibrium conditions, and implications for heavy metal sequestration   932

Item #AM-13-050

4 Supplemental Figures. zipped (668 KB)

Marco De La Pierre, Yves Noël, Sami Mustapha, Alessio Meyer, Philippe D’Arco, and Roberto Dovesi
The infrared vibrational spectrum of andradite-grossular solid solutions: A quantum mechanical simulation   966

Item #AM-13-044

Deposit PDF. zipped (352 KB)

Matthew M. Armentrout, Emma S.G. Rainey, and Abby Kavner
High-pressure and high-temperature equation of state of cobalt oxide: Implications for redox relations in Earth’s mantle   993

Item #AM-13-048

Supplementary Material and Figures. zipped (268 KB)

Juan I. Corredor, Agustín Cota, Esperanza Pavón, and Maria D. Alba
Synthesis and characterization of kanemite from fluoride-containing media: Influence of the alkali cation   1000

Item #AM-13-049

Supplemental Figures. zipped (108 KB)

Fernando Scordari, Emanuela Schingaro, Gennaro Ventruti, Eugenio Nicotra, Marco Viccaro, and Simona Mazziotti Tagliani
Fluorophlogopite from Piano delle Concazze (Mt. Etna, Italy): Crystal chemistry and implications for the crystallization conditions   1017

Item #AM-13-046

Tables 3, 5, 6, and CIF. zipped (84 KB)

Jed L. Mosenfelder and George R. Rossman
Analysis of hydrogen and fluorine in pyroxenes: I. Orthopyroxene   1026

Item #AM-13-043

Data Sets: SIMS analyses, FTIR spectra. zipped (3.2 MB)

Jed L. Mosenfelder and George R. Rossman
Analysis of hydrogen and fluorine in pyroxenes: II. Clinopyroxene   1042

Item #AM-13-058

Data sets. zipped (7.2 MB)

Keith Putirka, Martin Kunz, Ian Swainson, and Jennifer Thomson
Journal Impact Factors: Their relevance and their influence on society-published scientific journals   1055

Item #AM-13-058

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