Deposit Items for Volume 96, No. 01, January 2011

G. Diego Gatta, G.J. McIntyre, R. Sassi, N. Rotiroti, and A. Pavese
Hydrogen-bond and cation partitioning in muscovite: A single-crystal neutron-diffraction study at 295 and 20 K   34

Item #AM-11-001

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muscovite_20k.cif Crystallographic Information File (32 K)
muscovite_295k.cif Crystallographic Information File (32 K)

Georg Schettler, Matthias Gottschalk, and Daniel E. Harlov
A new semi-micro wet chemical method for apatite analysis and its application to the crystal chemistry of fluorapatite-chlorapatite solid solutions   138

Item #AM-11-002

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Stuart J. Mills, Pamela S. Whitfield, Siobhan A. Wilson, Joanne N. Woodhouse, Gregory M. Dipple, Mati Raudsepp, and Carl A. Francis
The crystal structure of stichtite, re-examination of barbertonite, and the nature of polytypism in MgCr hydrotalcites   179

Item #AM-11-013

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Evgeny V. Galuskin, Thomas Armbruster, Irina O. Galuskina, Biljana Lazic, Antoni Winiarski, Viktor M. Gazeev, Piotr Dzierżanowski, Aleksandr E. Zadov, Nikolai N. Pertsev, Roman Wrzalik, Anatoly G. Gurbanov, and Janusz Janeczek
Vorlanite (CaU6+)O4—A new mineral from the Upper Chegem caldera, Kabardino-Balkaria, Northern Caucasus, Russia   188

Item #AM-11-012

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Vorlanite.cif Crystallographic Information File (28 K)

Clare E. Rowland, Christopher L. Cahill, and Jeffrey E. Post
The structure of braitschite, a calcium rare earth borate   197

Item #AM-11-003

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braitschite.cif Crystallographic Information File (28 K)

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