Deposit Items for Volume 95, No. 07, July 2010

Julian D. Gale, Kate Wright, and Karen A. Hudson-Edwards
A first-principles determination of the orientation of H3O+ in hydronium alunite   1109

Item #AM-10-031

Cell parameters and coordinates in three different formats
Gale_p1109_10_T1.txt (4 KB)
Gale_p1109_10_T2.txt (12 KB)
Gale_p1109_10_T3.txt (8 KB)

Patrick H.J. Mercier, Yvon Le Page, and Serge Desgreniers
Kaolin polytypes revisited ab initio at 10 GPa   1117

Item #AM-10-027

Table ST1
Mercier_p1117_10_ST1.pdf pdf (60 KB)
Table 2. Compression of kaolinite, nacrite, and dickite to 10 GPa
Mercier_p1117_10_Table2.doc Microsoft Word File (44 KB)
Table. Atomic coordinates
Mercier_p1117_10.txt (56 KB)

Edward F. Duke and Reed S. Lewis
Near infrared spectra of white mica in the Belt Supergroup and implications for metamorphism   908

Item #AM-10-029

Table 2 (EDS analyses and mineral assemblage data).
Duke_p908_10_Table2.xls Microsoft Excel File (44 KB)

P. Comodi, T. Boffa Ballaran, P.F. Zanazzi, C. Capalbo, A. Zanetti, and S. Nazzareni
The effect of oxo-component on the high-pressure behavior of amphiboles   1042

Item #AM-10-028

Table 4. Fractional atomic coordinates and displacement parameters (Å2) of FR12 and DL5 samples at different pressures
Comodi_p1042_10_Table4.txt (16 KB)
Table 5. Observed and calculated structure factors of FR12 and DL5 samples at different pressures.
Comodi_p1042_10_Table5.txt (212 KB)
Crystallographic Information Files for kaersutite samples
67005_kxkz5r.cif (52 KB)
67006_kxkz5s.cif (30 KB)
67007_kxkz5s.cif (28 KB)
67008_kxkz5t.cif (32 KB)
67009_kxkz5f.cif (28 KB)
67010_kxkz55.cif (24 KB)
67011_kxkz5v.cif (24 KB)
67012_kxkz5v.cif (52 KB)
67013_kxkz5w.cif (28 KB)
67014_kxkz5x.cif (28 KB)
67015_kxkz5x.cif (28 KB)
67016_kxkz5x.cif (24 KB)

Federica Schiavi, Nicolas Walte, Alexander Konschak, and Hans Keppler
A moissanite cell apparatus for optical in situ observation of crystallizing melts at high temperature   1069

Item #AM-10-033

Movies 1–5 (.mov format)
MOVIE 1. Time-lapse movie showing crystallization and melting of nitrate salts (see detailed description of the textural development reported in the text), which occurred during the interval of the experiment indicated by the circle in Fig. 2a. Image width corresponds approximately to 1.3 mm. (4.5 MB)
MOVIE 2. Melting of the nitrate aggregate that occurred during the heating step (from 251.5 to 260.2 °C in 87 min) indicated by the label “heating 0.1°C/min” in Fig. 2a. Image width corresponds to 510 μm. (2 MB)
MOVIE 3. Time-lapse movie showing textural coarsening of the polycrystalline aggregate of chloride salts, which occurred during the interval of the experiment indicated by the circle in Fig. 2b. Image width corresponds to 665 μm. (6 MB)
MOVIE 4. Detail of Movie 3 focusing on the crystal coalescence process that is also shown in figure 6. Image width corresponds approximately to 350 μm. (3.4 MB)
MOVIE 5. Time-lapse movie showing three stages (see Fig. 2c) of the experiment conducted on a basaltic trachyandesite: (i) crystallization during T decrease from 1200 to 1170 °C; (ii) subsequent melting during T increase from 1170 to 1250 °C, followed by 50 min at T=1250 °C; (iii) second step of crystallization with T decreasing from 1250 to about 1150 °C. Image width corresponds to 665 μm. (4.7 MB)

Anastassia Y. Borisova, Gleb S. Pokrovski, Michel Pichavant, Rémi Freydier, and Frédéric Candaudap
Arsenic enrichment in hydrous peraluminous melts: Insights from femtosecond laser ablationinductively coupled plasma-quadrupole mass spectrometry, and in situ X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy   1095

Item #AM-10-030

Appendix Table 1 (analytical parameters).
Borisova_p1095_10_Table1.doc Microsoft Word File (56 KB)

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