Deposit Items for Volume 95, No. 01, January 2010

Jan Parafiniuk, Łukasz Dobrzycki, and Krzysztof Woźniak
Slavikite—Revision of chemical composition and crystal structure   11

Item #AM-10-006

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Arancha Argüelles, Matteo Leoni, Jesús A. Blanco, and Celia Marcos
Semi-ordered crystalline structure of the Santa Olalla vermiculite inferred from X-ray powder diffraction   126

Item #AM-10-004

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vermiculite.cif Text (8 K)

Johan P.R. de Villiers and David C. Liles
The crystal-structure and vacancy distribution in 6C pyrrhotite   148

Item #AM-10-005

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pyrrhotite-6C_Fd.cif Text (28 K)
pyrrhotite-6C_Cc.cif Text (32 K)

Halil Sarp, Radovan Černý, Hakki Babalik, Murat Hatipoğlu, and Gilbert Mari
Lapeyreite, Cu3O[AsO3(OH)]2·0.75H2O, a new mineral: Its description and crystal structure   171

Item #AM-10-002

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lapeyreite.cif Text (12 K)

Kei Sato, M. Santosh, and Toshiaki Tsunogae
High P-T phase relation of magnesian (Mg0.7Fe0.3) staurolite compositon in the system FeO-MgOAl2O3-SiO2-H2O: Implications for prograde high-pressure history of ultrahigh-temperature metamorphic rocks   177

Item #AM-10-001

Appendix Tables 1-4. Chemical composition of phases in run products
Sato_p177_10_appendix.pdf pdf (32 K)

G.A. Belyanin, H.M. Rajesh, D.D. Van Reenen, and H. Mouri
Corundum + orthopyroxene ± spinel intergrowths in an ultrahigh-temperature Al-Mg granulite from the Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Belt, South Africa   196

Item #AM-10-003

Table 1 Representative chemical compositions of corundum + orthopyroxene ± spinel intergrowths
Belyanin_p196_10_Table.pdf pdf (88 K)

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