Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 07, July 2009

Davide Lenaz, Alla M. Logvinova, Francesco Princivalle, and Nikolai V. Sobolev
Structural parameters of chromite included in diamond and kimberlites from Siberia: A new tool for discriminating ultramafic source   1067

Item #AM-09-034

Figure 1. Location of major kimberlite fields of the Siberian Platform
Lenaz_p1067_09_Fig1.pdf pdf (288 K)

Hongwei Ma, David L. Bish, Hsiu-Wen Wang, and Steve J. Chipera
Structure determination of the 2.5 hydrate MgSO4 phase by simulated annealing   1071

Item #AM-09-035, Appendix Figure, Table, and CIF.

Table 1. Selected bond lengths (Å) and angles(°) for MgSO4·2.5H2O.
Ma_p1071_09_Table.pdf pdf (44 K)
Figure 1. Rietveld refinement result for MgSO4·2.5H2O
Ma_p1071_09_Figure.pdf pdf (20 K)
Crystallographic Information File for MgSO4·2.5H2O
MgSO42.4H2O.cif Crystallographic Information File (12 K)

Yu Ye, Richard A. Schwering, and Joseph R. Smyth
Effects of hydration on thermal expansion of forsterite, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite at ambient pressure   899

Item #AM-09-030

Appendix Tables 1-5. Cell parameters and volumes of anhydrous forsterite, hydrous forsterite, anhydrous wadsleyite, hydrous wadsleyite as functions of temperature and cell parameters and volumes of ringwoodite I, II, and III.

Ye_p899_09_Appendix.pdf pdf (80 K)

Aaron J. Cavosie, Noriko T. Kita, and John W. Valley
Primitive oxygen-isotope ratio recorded in magmatic zircon from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge   926

Item #AM-09-033

Appendix 1. Analytical methods.
Cavosie_p926_09_Appendix.pdf pdf (96 K)

Igor Petrík and Patrik Konečný
Metasomatic replacement of inherited metamorphic monazite in a biotite-garnet granite from the Nízke Tatry Mountains, Western Carpathians, Slovakia: Chemical dating and evidence for disequilibrium melting   957

Item #AM-09-031

Table 3. Analytical data for dated monazite ordered according to the types I-IV
Petrík_p957_09_Table.doc Microsoft Word (72 K)
Petrík_p957_09_Table.pdf pdf (176 K)

Evelyne M.S. Leduc, Ronald C. Peterson, and Ruiyao Wang
The crystal structure and hydrogen bonding of synthetic konyaite, Na2Mg(SO4)2·5H2O   1005

Item #AM-09-032

Crystallographic Information File for synthetic konyaite
synthetic_konyaite.cif Crystallographic Information File (20 k)

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