Deposit Items for Volume 94, No. 01, January 2009

Alan G. Whittington, M. Ali Bouhifd, and Pascal Richet
The viscosity of hydrous NaAlSi3O8 and granitic melts: Configurational entropy models   1

Item #AM-08-005

Table A1. Viscosity dataset for NaAlSi3O8 melts and calculated viscosity using model abLATHD.
Whittington_p1_09_A1.pdf PDF (28 K)
Table A2. Viscosity dataset for haplogranite melts and calculated viscosity using model hpgLA.
Whittington_p1_09_A2.pdf PDF (24 K)
Table A3. Viscosity dataset for granite melts and calculated viscosity using model grLA.
Whittington_p1_09_A3.pdf PDF (24 K)
Table A4. Model LATHD for hydrous NaAlSi3O8 melts
Whittington_p1_09_A4.xls Microsoft Excel (336 K)

William M. Lamb and Robert K. Popp
Amphibole equilibria in mantle rocks: Determining values of mantle aH2O and implications for mantle H2O contents   41

Item #AM-08-002

Appendix: Amphibole normalization
Lamb_p41_09_Append.pdf pdf (1.5 MB)

Ferdinando Bosi, Ulf Hålenius, and Henrik Skogby
Crystal chemistry of the magnetite-ulvöspinel series   74

Item #AM-09-003

Table 4. Anisotropic displacement parameters for non-hydrogen atoms of Tutton's salts
Bosi_p74_09_T4.pdf PDF (24 K)

Paola Bonazzi, Dan Holtstam, Luca Bindi, Per Nysten, and GianCarlo Capitani
Multi-analytical approach to solve the puzzle of an allanite-subgroup mineral from Kesebol, Västra Götaland, Sweden   121

Item #AM-08-004

Table 5 – Site-occupancy factors, fractional atomic coordinates, anisotropic displacement parameters and equivalent displacement parameters for the allanite-subgroup mineral from Kesebol
Bonazzi_p121_09_T5.doc Microsoft Word (736 K)

Luca Bindi and Silvio Menchetti
Adding further complexity to the polybasite structure: The role of Ag in the B layer of the -M2a2b2c polytype   151

Item #AM-08-001

Table 7. Structure factors [Polybasite-M2a2b2c M27183]
Bindi_p151_09_T7.txt text file (1.4 MB)
CIF Polybasite
polybasite.CIF crystallographic information file (24 K)

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