Deposit Items for Volume 92, No. 1, January 2007

Edward S. Grew, Jacques Barbier, Jim Britten, Ulf Hålenius, and Charles K. Shearer
The crystal chemistry of welshite, a non-centrosymmetric (P1) aenigmatite-sapphirinesurinamite group mineral   80

Item #AM-07-002

Tables 3, 4a, and 4c (atomic coordinates, displacement parameters, and site occupancies and other data
Grew_p80_07_tables.doc Microsoft Word document (44 K)

Jeffrey E. Post, David L. Bish, and Peter J. Heaney
Synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction study of the structure and dehydration behavior of sepiolite   91

Item #AM-07-001

Appendix 1, the full set of atom positions for sepiolite under vacuum
Post_p91_07_appendix.doc Microsoft Word document (44 K)

Birgit Pöter, Matthias Gottschalk, and Wilhelm Heinrich
Crystal-chemistry of synthetic K-feldspar-buddingtonite and muscovite-tobelite solid solutions   151

Item #AM-07-004

Tables 5 and 6. Rietveld results
Poter_p151_07_Tables.pdf (168 K)

Elena Bonaccorsi, Stefano Merlino, and Paolo Orlandi
Zincalstibite, a new mineral, and cualstibite: Crystal chemical and structural relationships   198

Item #AM-07-003

Tables 8 and 9. Anisotropic displacement parameters
Bonaccorsi_p198_07_Table8-9.doc Microsoft Word document (28 K)

Table 10. Observed and calculated structure factors for cualstibite
Bonaccorsi_p198_07_Table10.txt Text document (28 K)

Table 11. Observed and calculated structure factors for zincalstibite
Bonaccorsi_p198_07_Table11.txt Text document (8 K)

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