Deposit Items for Volume 91, No. 10, October, 2006

Peter I. Nabelek, Theodore C. Labotka, Thomas Helms, and Max Wilke
Fluid-mediated polymetamorphism related to Proterozoic collision of Archean Wyoming and Superior provinces in the Black Hills, South Dakota   1473

Item #AM-06-030

Appendix 1: Representative mineral compositions in Black Hills schists.
Nabelek_p1473_06_A1.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (48 K)

Clive R. Neal and Georgiana Y. Kramer
The petrogenesis of the Apollo 14 high-Al mare basalts   1521

Item #AM-06-029

Table 1 Trace element data for samples analyzed in this study by ICP-MS.
Neal_p1521_06_T1.doc Microsoft Word Document (64 K)

John M. Hughes, Bradley L. Jolliff, and Mickey E. Gunter
The atomic arrangement of merrillite from the Fra Mauro Formation, Apollo 14 lunar mission: The first structure of merrillite from the Moon   1547

Item #AM-05-027

Table 5. Anisotropic displacement parameters for atoms in lunar merrillite
Hughes_p1547_06_T5.doc Microsoft Word Document (56 K)

Table 6. Observed and calculated structure factors for lunar merrillite
Hughes_p1547_06_T6.doc Microsoft Word Document (164 K)

Jim Karner, J.J. Papike, and C.K. Shearer
Comparative planetary mineralogy: Pyroxene major- and minor-element chemistry and partitioning of vanadium between pyroxene and melt in planetary basalts   1574

Item #AM-06-028

Table A-1. Average plus Mg-rich and Fe-rich endmember pyroxene analyses for all samples studied.
Karner_p1574_06_TA-1.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (56 K)

Appendix Figures A1-A8, which present analyses representing the compositional range for the suites (coded by thin section).
Karner_p1574_06_Figs.pdf Adobe PDF (5.3 MB)

Christopher D.K. Herd
Insights into the redox history of the NWA 1068/1110 martian basalt from mineral equilibria and vanadium oxybarometry   1616

Item #AM-06-026

Tables of electron microprobe chemical data
Herd_p1616_06_Tables.doc Microsoft Word Document (36 K)

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