Deposit Items for Volume 90, No. 2-3, February-March, 2005

Kimberly T. Tait, Frank C. Hawthorne, Joel D. Grice, Luisa Ottolini, and V.K. Nayak
Dellaventuraite, NaNa2(MgMn3+2Ti4+Li)Si8O22O2, a new anhydrous amphibole from the Kajlidongri Manganese Mine, Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh, India   304

Item #AM-05-007

Observed and calculated structure factors for oxygenian potassian titano-kornite in C2/m
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Patrick H.J. Mercier, Denis G. Rancourt, Jean-Louis Robert, Rob G. Berman, and Guenther J. Redhammer
Fundamental difference between synthetic powder and natural or synthetic single-crystal 1M micas: Geometric homo-octahedral vs. geometric meso-octahedral sheets   399

Item #AM-05-009

Table 3. Unit cell parameters and fractional atomic coordinates* for the 175 single crystal refinements considered
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Juraj Majzlan, Cristian Botez, and Peter W. Stephens
The crystal structure of synthetics Fe2(SO4)3(H2O)5 and the type specimen of lausenite   411

Item #AM-05-008

Table 1. A list of interplanar spacings, intensities, and assigned indices for the synthetic Fe2(SO4)3(H2O)5 and the natural sample studied by Srebrodol'skiy (1975)
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