Deposit Items for Volume 90, No. 8-9, August-September, 2005

Rikke Ellemann-Olesen and Thomas Malcherek
A high-temperature diffraction study of the solid solution CaTiOSiO4-CaTiOGeO4   1325

Item #AM-05-021

Table 4. Atomic positional parameters and isotropic thermal vibration parameters.
Table 8. Lattice constants and volume for all intermediate samples as a function of temperature.
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Edward S. Grew, Jacques Barbier, Jim Britten, Martin G. Yates, Vladislav O. Polyakov, Elena P. Shcherbakova, Ulf Hålenius, and Charles K. Shearer
Makarochkinite, Ca2Fe2+4Fe3+TiSi4BeAlO20, a new beryllosilicate member of the aenigmatite-sapphirine-surinamite group from the Il'men Mountains (southern Urals), Russia   1402

Item #AM-05-020

Appendix 1. Associated Minerals (4 tables)
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Appendix 2-3. Reflectance and X-Ray diffraction
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Appendix 4. Single crystal X-ray diffraction data for makarochkinite
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