Deposit Items for Volume 89, No. 7, July, 2004

Luca Bindi, Paul G. Spry, and Curzio Cipriani
Empressite, AgTe, from the Empress-Josephine mine, Colorado, U.S.A.: Composition, physical properties, and determination of the crystal structure   1043

Item #AM-04-065

Table 3. List of observed and calculated structure factors for empressite
Bindi_p1043_04_Table3.doc Word document (552 K)

Christopher M. Breeding, Jay J. Ague, Marty Grove, and Andrew L. Rupke
Isotopic and chemical alteration of zircon by metamorphic fluids: U-Pb age depth-profiling of zircon crystals from Barrow's garnet zone, northeast Scotland   1067

Item #AM-04-067

Table 1. Trace element data
Breeding_p1067_04_T1.doc Word document (28 K)
Breeding_p1067_04_T1.xls Excel document (16 K)

Table 2. Electron microprobe concentrations for depth-profile zircons and AS3 zircon standards
Breeding_p1067_04_T2.doc Word document (72 K)
Breeding_p1067_04_T2.xls Excel document (20 K)

Tables 3,4. Polished-grain zircon U-Pb isotopic data
Breeding_p1067_04_T3-4.doc Word document (124 K)
Breeding_p1067_04_T3-4.xls Excel document (36 K)

Tables 5,6. Depth-profile U-Pb isotopic data
Breeding_p1067_04_T5-6.pdf PDF (124 K)
Breeding_p1067_04_T5-6.xls Excel document (648 K)

Jim Karner, J.J. Papike, and C.K. Shearer
Plagioclase from planetary basalts: Chemical signatures that reflect planetary volatile budgets, oxygen fugacity, and styles of igneous differentiation   1101

Item #AM-04-067

Appendix Table 1. Average composition of plagioclase from planetary basalt samples (coded by thin section)
Karner_p1101_04_A1.pdf PDF (56 K)

Appendix Table 2. Mineral modes of planetary basalts
Karner_p1101_04_A2.pdf PDF (44 K)

Appendix Figures A1-A5 and backscatter electron Images of planetary basalts.
Karner_p1101_04_figs.pdf PDF (17.7 MB)

Sytle M. Antao, Willem H. Mulder, Ishmael Hassan, Wilson A. Crichton, and John B. Parise
Cation disorder in dolomite, CaMg(CO3)2, and its influence on the aragonite + magnesite ↔ dolomite reaction boundary   1142

Item #AM-04-066

Table 2. Atomic positions, displacement parameters (x100 Å2), and bond distances (Å) at various temperatures (K) for dolomite
Antao_p1142_04_Table2.doc Word document (52 K)

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