Deposit Items for Volume 88, No. 10, October, 2003

Thorsten Geisler, Robert T. Pidgeon, Reinhardt Kurtz, Wilhelm van Bronswijk, and Helmut Schleicher
Experimental hydrothermal alteration of partially metamict zircon   1496

Item #AM-03-039

Table 3. SHRIMP U-Pb Isotope Data
Geisler_p1496_03_Table3.doc Microsoft Word document (100 K)

Piera Benna and Emiliano Bruno
Single-crystal in situ high-temperature structural investigation of the I1 - I2/c phase transition in Ca0.2Sr0.8Al2Si2O8 feldspar   1532

Item #AM-03-043

Table 2. Observed and Calculated Structure Factors
Benna_p1532_03_Table2.doc Microsoft Word document (752 K)

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