Deposit Items for Volume 88, No. 2-3, February-March, 2003

John Charles White, Greg S. Holt, Don F. Parker, and Minghua Ren
Trace-element partitioning between alkali feldspar and peralkalic quartz trachyte to rhyolite magma. Part I: Systematics of trace-element partitioning   316

Item #AM-03-022

Appendix 1. Whole rock and matrix analyses.
White_p316_03_Appendix1.doc Word document (232 K)

Appendix 2. Trace element analyses of alkali feldspar.
White_p316_03_Appendix2.doc Word document (136 K)

Appendix 3. Major element analyses of alkali feldspar.
White_p316_03_Appendix3.doc Word document (100 K)

Anthony R. Kampf, Stefano Merlino, and Marco Pasero
Order-disorder approach to calcioaravaipaite, [PbCa2Al(F,OH)9]: The crystal structure of the triclinic MDO polytype   430

Item #AM-03-024

Table 5. Observed and calculated structure factors for calcioaravaipaite
White_p316_03_Appendix.doc Word document (84 K)

Peter Berlepsch, Thomas Armbruster, Emil Makovicky, and Dan Topa
Another step toward understanding the true nature of sartorite: Determination and refinement of a ninefold superstructure   450

Item #AM-03-023

Table 7. Anisotropic displacement parameters
Table 8. Bond distances and angles
Berlepsch_p450_03_Tables7-8.pdf PDF (284 K)

Luca Bindi, Oleg G. Safonov, Vasily O. Yapaskurt, Leonid L. Perchuk, and Silvio Menchetti
Ultrapotassic clinopyroxene from the Kumdy-Kol microdiamond mine, Kokchetav Complex, Kazakhstan: Occurrence, composition and crystal-chemical characterization   464

Item #AM-03-025

Table 3. List of the observed and calculated structure factors for KOK-1
Bindi_p464_03_Table3.doc Word document (200 K)

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