Deposit Items for Volume 88, No. 8-9, August - September, 2003

John M. Hughes, John Rakovan, Roberto Bracco, and Mickey E. Gunter
The atomic arrangement of the ganophyllite-group modulated layer silicates as determined from the orthorhombic dimorph of tamaite, with the elusive 16.8 Å ganophyllite-group superstructure revealed   1324

Item #AM-03-038

Table 5. Anisotropic Displacement Parameters for Atoms in Orthorhombic Dimorph of Tamaite
Hughes_p1324_03_Table5.doc Microsoft Word document (64 K)

Table 6. Observed and Calculated Structure Factors for Observed Reflections in Orthorhomic Dimorph of Tamaite
Hughes_p1324_03_Table6.doc Microsoft Word document (716 K)

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