Deposit Items for Volume 86, No. 9, September, 2001

Alexandra Friedrich, George A. Lager, Martin Kunz, Bryan C. Chakoumakos, Joseph R. Smyth, and Arthur J. Schultz
Temperature-dependent single-crystal neutron diffraction study of natural chondrodite and clinohumites   981

Item #AM-01-069

Friedrich_p981_01_Table10.pdf (12 KB)
Table 10. Anisotropic displacement factors

Roberta Oberti, Luisa Ottolini, Giancarlo Della Ventura, and Gian Carlo Parodi
On the symmetry and crystal chemistry of britholite: New structural and microanalytical data    1066

Item #AM-01-068

Oberti_p1066_01_Table4.html (44 KB)
Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors

Oberti_p1066_01_Table5.html (4 KB)
Table 5. Atomic coordinates and anisotropic displacement factors

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