Deposit Items for Volume 82, No. 5-6, May-June, 1997

Paola Comodi, Pier Francesco Zanazzi, Stefano Poli, and Max W. Schmidt
High-pressure behavior of kyanite: Compressibility and structural deformations    452

Item #AM-97-637

Table 3. Observed And Calculated Structure Factors For Kyanite
Comodi_p452_97_T3.txt (72 K) text file

M.J. Holdaway, Biswajit Mukhopadhyay, M.D. Dyar, C.V. Guidotti, and B.L. Dutrow
Garnet-biotite geothermometry revised: New Margules parameters and a natural specimen data set from Maine   582

Item #AM-97-638

Tables 7A-D provide garnet chemical analyses (7A) and stoichiometry (7B), and biotite chemical analyses (7C) and stoichiometry (7D). Specimen numbers are listed in the same sequence as in Table 6; the groups of specimens are assemblages A through F, in order. Biotite specimens for which Fe2O3 was estimated by grade are designated by * after the specimen number (Table 7C, 7D). Biotite specimens for which H2O and F contents were estimated by grade are those for which the chemical analyses show identical numbers throughout a given assemblage (Table 7C). For example in assemblage A, all those specimens for which H2O = 4.156 and F = 0.299 had H2O and F estimated. Stoichiometry for the garnets is based on 8 cations, stoichiometry for the biotites is based on 12 (O, OH, F) with a correction made for H3O+ occupying the remaining 12-fold sites that are not occupied by K + Na. This procedure requires 2 iterations.
Holdaway_p582_97_T7A.xls (21 K) Microsoft Excel File
Holdaway_p582_97_T7B.xls (21 K) Microsoft Excel File
Holdaway_p582_97_T7C.xls (27 K) Microsoft Excel File
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John M. Hughes, Erich S. Bloodaxe, John M. Hanchar, and Eugene E. Foord
Incorporation of rare earth elements in titanite: Stabilization of the A2/a dimorph by creation of antiphase boundaries   512

Item #AM-97-639

Table 4. Anisotropic thermal parameters for atoms in A2/a titanites
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Table 5. Anisotropic thermal parameters for atoms in P21/a titanite
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Table 7. Observed and Calculated Structure Factors
Hughes_p512_97_T7a.doc Natural RE-bearing titanite (28 k) (Word 2.0 format)
Hughes_p512_97_T7b.doc Synthetic La-Al titanite (36 K) (Word 2.0 format)
Hughes_p512_97_T7c.doc Synthetic titanite (40 K) (Word 2.0 format)
Hughes_p512_97_T7d.doc Synthetic Dy-Al titanite (28 K) (Word 2.0 format)

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