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Cover of Pervoskites

Pervoskites: Modern and Ancient

By Roger H. Mitchell
2002, 318 pp. softcover, ISBN 0-9689411-0-9

This volume is intended as an introduction for the neophyte to the structure and compositional variation found in perovskite-group and related compounds, will be of interest to solid state chemists, materials scientists, crystallographers, and mineralogists. The work does not describe the magnetic, electrical or other physical properties of perovskite-group compounds

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Cover of Pervoskites

Kimberlites, Orangeites, Lamproites, Melilities, and Minettes: A Petrographic Atlas

By Roger H. Mitchell
1997, 243 pp. softcover, ISBN 0-88663-026-62002

This book of 400 color photomicrographs, illustrates some of the petrographic diversity exhibited by a group of alkaline rocks of interest to both academic petrologists and exploration geologists. Academic interest lies in the wide range of mineralogy and texture exhibited by these rocks, and in the derivation of their parental magmas from unusual metasomatized asthenospheric and lithospheric sources. Economic interest is related to the fact that kimberlite, orangeite, and lamproite are primary sources of diamond. Hence, to be able to recognize these rocks and distinguish them from petrographically-similar uneconomic rocks is of vital importance.

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