Contents: Volume 4
v4n1 The origin of Mn and Y annuli in garnet and the thermal dependence of P in garnet and Y in apatite in calc-pelite and pelite, Gagnon terrane, western Labrador

Panseok Yang and Toby Rivers

(Published 11 March 2002, 35 pages including 2 tables, 20 figures)


Compositional asymmetry in replacement tourmaline – An example from the Tauern Window, Eastern Alps

Darrell J. Henry, Barbara L. Dutrow, and Jane Selverstone

(Published 12 August 2002, 18 pages including 4 tables, 14 figures, 1 rollover figure)


Diopside + F-rich phlogopite at high P and T: Systematics, crystal chemistry and the stability of KMgF3, clinohumite and chondrodite

George E. Harlow

(Published 16 September 2002, 28 pages including 10 tables, 9 figures)

Contents: Volume 3
Metapelite phase equilibria modeling in MnNCKFMASH: The effect of variable Al2O3 and MgO/(MgO+FeO) on mineral stability

Douglas K. Tinkham, Carlos A. Zuluaga, and Harold H. Stowell

(Published 17 December 2001, 42 pages including 3 tables, 15 figures, 1 rollover figure)

Contents: Volume 2
AFTSolve: A program for multi-kinetic modeling of apatite fission-track data

Richard A. Ketcham, Raymond A. Donelick, and Margaret B. Donelick

(Published 15 March 2000, 18 pages, 2 tables, 12 figures)

Multiple thermotectonic events in a continuous metamorphic sequence, Mica Creek area, southeastern Canadian Cordillera

J.L. Crowley, E.D. Ghent, S.D. Carr, P.S. Simony, and M.A. Hamilton

(Published 24 May 2000, 23 pages, 2 tables, 14 figures)
An evaluation of spatial correlation functions in textural analysis of metamorphic rocks

David M. Hirsch, Richard A. Ketcham, and William D. Carlson

(Published 2 June 2000, 21 pages, 1 table, 20 figures, 5 3DMF figures, 3 appendices)

Contents: Volume 1
3-dimensional imaging of garnet porphyroblast sizes and chemical zoning: Nucleation and growth history in the garnet zone

Frank S. Spear, Christopher G. Daniel

(Published 30 October 1998, 17 pages, 3 tables, 19 figures, 4 movies)

Isotope geochemistry of Proterozoic talc occurrences in Archean marbles of the Ruby Mountains, southwest Montana, U.S.A.

John B. Brady, John T. Cheney, Amy Larson Rhodes, Angela Vasquez,
Chris Green, Mathieu Duvall, Ari Kogut, Lewis Kaufman, Dana Kovaric

(Published 31 December 1998, 16 pages, 3 tables, 19 figures)

Real-time AFM diagrams on your Macintosh

Frank S. Spear

(Published 25 May 1999, 10 pages, 8 figures, 1 interactive figure, 3 movies)

Three-dimensional model of heat flow in the aureole of the Marcy anorthosite, Adirondack Highlands, New York:
Implications for depth of emplacement

J. Alcock, Kevin Myer, P.D. Muller

(Published 22 September 1999, 11 pages, 1 table, 7 figures)

Measuring Discrete Feature Dimensions in AFM Images with Image SXM

Barry R. Bickmore, Eric Rufe, Steve Barrett, and Michael F. Hochella, Jr.

(Published 23 November 1999, 10 pages, 9 figures, 1 movie)

Yttrium zoning in garnet:
Coupling of major and accessory phases during metamorphic reactions

Joseph M. Pyle and Frank S. Spear

(Published 14 December 1999, 23 pages, 2 tables, 21 figures)

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