Time series models 

Many geologic models involve time series, which are ideally suited for displaying as movies. Below are shown two (rather primitive) examples of Quicktime movies of a 2-D thermal model and a 2-D thrust model.

Quicktime Movies of Numerical Models

To view these images online, your browser must have the free Quicktime plug-in (5.0 or later) available from Apple.

Thermal models

Below is a 2-D thermal model involving a single thrust fault. Colors represent temperatures. Black is sky. The model time is shown in the lower left corner. Created from a Fortran program by F. Spear (unpublished). Use the slidebar to control the movie.


Thrust models

Below is a movie of a duplex structure created using a Fortran program written by F. Spear (unpublished). Colored bands represent stratigraphic layers and black is the sky. Use the slidebar to control the movie.


Crystal growth models

Spear and Daniel (1998; GMR v1n1) present Quicktime movies of garnet zoning and the growth history of a garnet crystal by imaging the Mn concentration of garnet as an indicator of time. Use the slidebar to control the movie.