Multiple Views of a Location or Sample

Quicktime VR (virtual reality) is a technology from Apple Computer that displays panoramic views of an area or object. Images can be from the "inside out" (i.e. a panorama) or the "outside in" (i.e. a 3-D view of a solid object). QTVR images can be viewed with any Quicktime viewer (either a stand-alone viewer or browser plug-in).

Quicktime VR Interactive Graphics

To view these images online, your browser must have the free Quicktime plug-in (5.0 or later) available from Apple.

One application of this technology is the "virtual field experience". The 3-D panorama gives the viewer a "feel" for the surrounding geology as well as permitting the viewer to zoom in on the rocks of interest. Areas of a QTVR image can be linked to other QTVR images, or movies, to lead the reader on a virtual field trip of an area.

A nice example of a QTVR image of a geologically interesting site is on Apple's web page at You will need Quicktime v 5 or greater to see the image.

Another example is a virtual tour of the Amazon by Greenpeace at

Sample Images

Another application is to examine a solid object from all sides. Rock samples, experimental apparatus, and crystal models are examples of applications of this use of Quicktime VR.

A sample of amethyst can rotated using Quicktime VR at

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