January Whole #412 49:1
Title Author Start
Twenty Years Ago Philip Morrill 3
Jade The Grand Rapids Press 21
Diggers' Learn Florida Once Cold Eric Sharp 23
Roses and Rattlers James Smedley 34
Local 'Rockhound' Finds Adventure In Gem Quests Clarence Leino 38
Avoid Lapidary Mistakes John Cholson 55
A Nyalla Hunt In Zululand - South Africa Turns Into, a Mineralogy Field Trip William A. Oppold 58
Oil Industry Highly Competitive Exxon U.S.A.'s President Testifies
Cutting Soft Stones Southwest Gem 62
Tips For Preparing A Display Case Rock Trails 65
Tumbling Kip Hodges 12
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 15
Fossils A. G. Zvirblis 18
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 26
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 54
Thumbnails John Reiner 57
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
2, 67
Gems Are Many-Colored
Granted A Patent Dr. K. L. Gauri 11
Lapping Geodes The T-Town Rockhound 14
Mineral Puns Mrs. Alexander Grande 20
What Is An Agate?
New Headquarters For Raytech Industries
February Whole #413 49:2
Title Author Start
The Crystal Systems (Part IV of a Four Part Series) Dorothy A. Buzzell 75
Gold Prospecting Sweeps Idaho Margaret Bailey 77
The Search For Hot Rocks J. Eric Schuster 78
Springtime in Carolina Lloyd A. Allison 86
Healing Effects of Minerals Tomasz J. Turley 88
Kvarts Looks For Gold Lazar Lifshits 94
How I Became a Rockhound Mrs. Frank W. Kern 106
Modern, Sussex Zinc Mine Shatters Image of Oldtime Operations (Paterson News) - James P. Carr, Jr. 111
Gem Minerals of Georgia James G. Lester 131
Tumbling Kip Hodges 84
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 90
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 98
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 126
Thumbnails John Reiner 129
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
Memorial to Stanley I. Perham B. M. Shaub 82
U.S. Mineral Development Lagging (California Geology, act. 1973) 91
Use and Conservation of Minerals U.S. Geological Survey 92
Seafloor Minerals-Forming Processes California Geology 110
What Are These Things Called Jewels Tuscarora Bulletin 128
Gems of The Silica Group Patricia Roebuck 136
March Whole #414 49:3
Title Author Start
State Stones George E. Kosel 'Newsletter' 184
Is Lapis Lazuli A Precious Gem? Ask Andy' - Tulsa Daily World 199
Minerals From The Sea Dr. O. M. Dikshit and Prof. J. T. Henry, Sr. 147
Agate Collecting Down The Sucker Creek Canyon of Eastern Oregon Paul L. Broughton 151
Miarolitic Minerals of The Conway Granite Bruce W. Buckley 154
The Scramble For Resources Dennis Starbuck (Gems) 178
On The Agate Trail Fred B. Jones 182
No Substitute For Gold South African Scope 203
Making Rocks Irene Kiefer - The Nat'l. Science Foundation 205
Tumbling Kip Hodges 157
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 162
Chips And Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 170
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
189, 202
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 198
Thumbnails John Reiner 201
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
146, 209,
Coal Carving - A Frustrating Art 'Gems' - From 'Grit' 156
Apophyllite From North Carolina Lloyd A. Allison 158
Arizona Tells Turquoise Story The Dopstick 176
Garnet The T-Town Rockhound 183
April Whole #415 49:4
Title Author Start
An Introduction to the Topography, Geology and Mineral Resources of North Carolina Sam D. Broadhurst (Revised 1973) Eldon P. Allen 219
State Stones George E. Kosel (Newsletter) 232
Shaping the Face of Minnesota Robert E. Sheldon (Geo-Logic) 250
Gem labradorite in New York State Maurice Ancher 253
A Review of Mineralogical, Geological and Mining Activities in The Franklin Area, Sussex County, New Jersey Allen W. Pinger (The Picking Table) 256
Minerals In Our World Elmer B. Rowley 277
Tumbling Kip Hodges 229
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 234
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 242
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
261, 274
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 270
Thumbnail's John Reiner 275
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
218, 281,
Viewing Stones Paula Busch 226
What's Going on Below? Find Out From A Diamond (Crystal Lines) Jack Merrill 230
Synthesis Of Minerals - A New Trend in Geology Vilen Zharikov 236
Hammered Round Link Chain - (Miami Mineral and Gem Society) Wanda Wasilkowski 240
Care and Cleaning of Gems and Jewelry (Sooner Rockologist) 240
May Whole #416 49:5
Title Author Start
Giants From The Ordovician Sea Rhonda Pettit 291
A Regional Museum Mirrors The Interests of Its Public Harry G. Johnson 294
Interesting Quarries in Pennsylvania George Meyers 296
After Apollo, Geology of The Moon Mark Kent (T-Town Rockhound) 298
Minerals In Our World Elmer B. Rowley (Part II) 322
The Oregon Blues Carleton E. McMackin 349
Tumbling Kip Hodges 302
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 305
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Cubs Vernon Wertz 314
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 342
Thumbnails John Reiner 347
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
290, 353,
The Book of The Rockhound Chronicles (Sooner Rockologist) 300
Exxon Plans A Six-Year Synthetic Oil-Gas Program
Alabama Crystallized Petrified Wood
New Idea For Recovery of Oil from Tar Sands (Earth & Mineral Sciences) 343
American Indian Jewelry Ada and Marian Smith 357
June Whole #417 49:6
Title Author Start
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 414
Publications Recently Received
Thumbnails John Reiner 419
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 429
Coming Events
362, 425,
Argentojarosite - New Colorado Mineral Richard M. Pearl 373
Veta Grande Bullion
Want A Different Color? Try Heat Treating Jeannine Shaw 384
Gem-Maine-ia. '75 - A First For Maine
A Trip To Gilsum, N. H. Al Prandli 418
Monterey Coal To Open Second Illinois Mine
One Of Our Favorite Rock Hunting Areas, Onyx Peak, Gila County, Arizona Carleton E. McMackin 363
The Rosh-Hanikra Sea Caves of Northwestern Israel Paul L. Broughton 366
Burgundy Hill Quarries and Garnet Mines at Tolland, Conn. Mrs. Bruce Cramer 368
Opportunity for Meteorite Discovery Abounds Across Vast American Lands Harry G. Johnson 372
Elements in Granite Pegmatite David M. Seaman 379
Minerals of Creede, Mineral County, Colorado Arthur E. Smith, Jr. 394
Sojourn Along The Shores of The Dead Sea Paul L. Broughton 421
Tumbling Robert W. Greenlaw 374
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 377
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 386
Mineral Localities Information
July/August Whole #418-419 49:7-8
Title Author Start
Sulfides and Sulphosalts in Pegmatite David M. Seaman 435
Dinosaurland Al Davis (The Geode) 438
A Neglected, Potential Silver Mine Dr. Werner R. Eulitz 451
The Shuler Ruby Mine of the Cowee Valley, Western North Carolina Paul L. Broughton 394
Tips on Lapidary R. L. Poole 471
Seeing Through the, Earth (University of Rochester) 496
Tumbling Robert W. Greenlaw 446
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 449
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 458
Mineral Localities Information
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 486
Publications Recently Received
Thumbnails John Reiner 491
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
434, 497,
1974 Show, Bisbee, Arizona
Indian Beggar Beads Reg Taylor 442
Alexandrite Russell Hassemer 444
Grotto of the Redemption Janet Burkett 456
Plants That 'Eat' Gold
Rocking With Safety Mary Tripp 489
My Favorite Mineral, Garnet Jock Hoeseler 490
September Whole #420 49:9
Title Author Start
Mineral and Fossil Collecting Localities In Virginia Palmer C. Sweet 507
Wyoming's Mystery Mummy The T-Town Rockhound 514
Meteorites (Mineral Minutes) 516
State Stones (Arkansas) George Kosel 540
Chalcedony Pseudomorph After Coral or Agatized Coral Harriet Call(Chips and Facets) 561
Fire Agate - The Rising Star of The West Carleton E. McMackin 566
State Stones (Ohio) George Kosel 571
Tumbling Robert W. Greenlaw 518
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 521
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 530
Mineral Localities Informatics
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 558
Publications Recently Received
Thumbnail's John Reiner 563
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
506, 569,
World Consumption of Industrial Minerals
The Goldstone Story
Florida Black Coral Jewelry Emily Danker 523
Diamonds In Arkansas Hills
1974 Gem is Mineral Show
Human Fossils
Old Cook and Brown Gold Mine Open to Public
October Whole #421 49:10
Title Author Start
Diamonds Mary Jean Dabulis 579
Why is Africa So Diamond Rich?
The Evolution of A N. J. Collecting Site Barry DeVita 586
News From The Black Hills of So. Dakota Martha Linde 590
Additional Meteorites are Often Found at Site where one has Previously been discovered Harry G. Johnson 614
Ricolite Gulch, New Mexico Carleton E. McMackin 638
Tumbling Robert W. Greenlaw 589
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 593
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 602
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 610
Mineral Localities Information
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 630
Publications Recently Received
Thumbnails John Reiner 636
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
578, 641
Sand-Barite Rosette - Oklahoma's Official State Rock (The T-Town Rockhound) 591
How to Clean Your Pyrites Rocky Echoes 596
$6,000 Gold Nugget Found Near City Jan, O'Brien, Star Reporter, (Whitehorse, Yukon Star) 600
Faceting Is Fun Herbert Olmstea The Agatizer Via ''Rock Rollers 612
Lapidary Dorothy Sanders, Librarian 613
Handy Hints T-Town Rockhound 621
Obituary (Ernest Weidhaas)
Hunt For the Green (Jade, That Is) Andy Stoner 640
November Whole #422 49:11
Title Author Start
Obsidian Collecting At Oregon's Glass Buttes Paul L. Broughton 651
Fossils Of The Bear, Delaware Area Todd Zeisloft 655
Phosphorescent Selenite Crystals at Levesque, Arkansas W. C. Riddle 657
Varieties Of Quartz Virginia Burns 662
Ideas From Conan Doyle Offer Aid's For Meteorite, Discovery Harry G. Johnson 667
Trilobite Eyes Daniel E. Russell 679
Gold Diggers On Way W. H. Scarborough 682
Selenite Crystals on Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge Dan Davidonis 'Gems' 686
Jewelry Making Norma Beachkowski 711
Tumbling Robert W. Greenlaw 661
Fossils A. G. Zvirblis 665
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 674
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
Thumbnail's John Reiner 708
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
650, 717
Both Uranium and Oil Discovered In Vermont
Handy Hints
Soviet Geologist Discusses Problems of Probing the Earth
Fluorescent Mineral Society Honors Tom Warren
All That's Green is Not Valuable
Soviet Diamonds Top, South Africa
Gypsum - Natures Most Versatile Rock
Rare Stones in Missouri Crater
December Whole #423 49:12
Title Author Start
The Stanley Rock Crystal Claim on Fisher Mountain, Central Arkansas Paul L. Broughton 723
Offretite Donald J. Goodell 729
There's Opals in Them There Hills The Australian Tourist Commission 739
Pearls and Pearl Hunting Francine Valant (The T-Town Rockhound) 752
The Turkey Hill Mines George Meyers 754
'Salting' An Age - Old Practice Robert G. Bassett 756
Earthquake Successfully Predicted (California Geology November 1974) 758
Transparencies Ted Schroeder (The Geode) 762
Lost Meteorites that defy Discovery, Guard their secrets in every State Harry G. Johnson 763
Ambers and Its Imitators (Gems) 778
A Mammoth Find! Rocky Byrom (Rocky Echoes) 781
Far Northland's Offer Meteorite Hunters Adventure and Opportunities for new finds Harry G. Johnson 785
Tumbling Robert W. Greenlaw 733
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 737
Chips and Bits from EFMLS Clvbs Vernon Wertz 746
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 774
Publications Recently Received
Thumbnails John Reiner 780
Mineral Localities Information
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
722, 775,
Minerals that Glow in The Dark (The T-Town Rockhound - Patricia Roebuck) 728
Offshore Oil
Judge Ervan F. Kushner Presents Copies of New Book
White Gold From Rustenburg (South Africa Scope) 783
Uranium Marketing Activity (California Geology - October 1974) 784



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