January Whole #400 48:1
Title Author Start
A Mineral-Exploration Camp, Canadian-Bush Style R. Lasmanis 3
Area 'Rockhounds' Scour Hills to find, Polish Unusual Stones Kitty McDonald, Chattanooga News-Free Press 9
Questions and Answers about Oil Shale Calif. Geology 13
The Story of Colombian Emeralds Gem Scoop 36
Lapidary Unit From Odds and Ends Perry W. Trout 60
Tarbaby Agate Frank Mayo (The Stone Age) 63
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 16
The Contact Zone Robert W. Jones 24
Current Events Vernon Wertz 26
With Our Advertisers James N. Bourne 34
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 54
Thumbnails John Reiner 56
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Swapping Corner
Coming Events
2, 57
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
Polishing Williamsite - Modest Advice
Focus on Fluorite, 'Illinois State Mineral'
How to Cut and Polish 'Yag' (Miami Gemcrafters) 31
Mineral Jumble Bill Leake 40
First Woman President of the Southern Appalachian Mineral Society
Green Garnets found in Western Utah Lee Oertle 62
February Whole #401 48:2
Title Author Start
Collecting Rose Quartz & Other Minerals on Plumbago Mountain Gardiner Gregory 75
Geological Study of The Taftan Volcano Cyrus Zarayen 78
The Celestine of Molkabade Mine Abdol-Hossein Forghani and Freidoun Namdarian 82
The Rocks of Texas Mrs. Pearl Garrison (The Southwest Gem) 90
Mining Innovation Threatens Rockhound's Tailing Piles Frank R. Stansberry 93
Mineral Hunting Can Be Fun Robert P. Bates 130
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 98
With Our Advertisers James N. Bourne 106
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 126
Thumbnails John Reiner 128
Visiting Rockhound's Welcome
Swapping Corner
Coming Events
74, 108,10
University To Sponsor a 3-day Mineral Show Ed Murphy 86
Why I Keep on Faceting Ken Schmeling 88
Meet The Quartz Crystal Family (Show Me Newsletter) 96
What Causes Thunder-Eggs? (The T-Town Rockhound) 103
New Ownerships (Earth Science)
Pendants to be Made Available Throughout The Year Biship's House of Gems 112
March Whole #402 48:3
Title Author Start
Where Can Tektites be Found? TheT-Town Rockhound 168
Precious Topaz Deposits of the Llano Uplift Area, Central Texas Paul L. Broughton 147
Coal Flora Anthony Gerald Zvirblis 162
How it Happened Nellie M. Davis 202
Gregory Museum Opening Ceremonies
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 170
With our Advertisers James N. Bourne 178
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
189, 199
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 198
Thumbnails John Reiner 200
Swapping Corner
Sharing Nature with Your Child Rocks Trails 182
Jade - Facts and Superstitions Louis Zara 184
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
146, 180,
Collecting Agate and Petrified Wood Fred Jones 158
Graphite Comes into it's Own Southwest Gem via Water Rock News 160
On the Rocks - He collects them and has been doing it 40 years Gus Levendusky (Paterson News) 166
April Whole #403 48:4
Title Author Start
The Treasure of Tourmaline at Newry Jane Perham Stevens 219
Barite Richard Green 236
The Miracle Mineral That Keeps you Fit 'Gems' - Kalamazoo 240
A Flowchart For the Preparation of Mineral Specimens Henry Truebe 250
Minerals in Fact and Fantasy Robert H. Mitchell 275
Tumbling Kip Hodges 225
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 227
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 234
Chips and Bits Vernon Wertz 242
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounter Corner Betty Lynch Williams 270
Thumbnails John Reiner 273
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
218, 253
Garnet Hunting To Be Resumed (Spokane Chronicle) 228
Amber of The Soviet Union Kenneth Zahn (Mineral Minutes, D. C.) 254
Sand, 'Gems' & Undersea Micros Vanessa Rumery Foster 256
AFMS Scholarship Foundation Honorees is Grantees Paul Seel 272
May Whole #404 48:5
Title Author Start
Caliche Geodes of the Southwest Texas Hill's Paul L. Broughton 291
Maine Tourmaline Strike Bruce W. Buckley 308
Lapidary Technique Diamond Saws John W. Choleson 312
Copper, Price Controls on Copper: Cartels and Wars Om Dikshit and J. T. Henry Sr. 322
Fossil Sea Urchins (Echinoids) R. R. Strapple 345
Return to The Opal Fields Carolyn Christensen 347
The Meteoric Minerals Daniel E. Russell 352
Tumbling Kip Hodges 297
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 299
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 306
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 314
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 342
Thumbnails John Reiner 344
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
290, 325
A Mineral Profile Dorothy A. Buzzell 296
Drilling Through The Seventh Level Rustam Agayev 302
'Info' on Meteorites 'The Dopstick' 304
Treasures In Your Own Back Yard Martha Linde 326
The Latest in Rock Hunting Aids Susquehanna Slabs 347
June Whole #405 48:6
Title Author Start
The Industrial Uses of Gold (South African Scope) 363
Panning For Gold Harv Erman 'Gems' 374
The Romance of Jade Earth & Mineral Sciences 380
University Researchers Study Ways to Tap Minnesota Ore Deposits Bill Hafling 384
Silver Mined in North Carolina Ruth P. Stanley 394
Semi-Precious Stones do Not Exist 'Mineral Digest' 418
Minnesota Minerals Via Gemstone Gems 419
Ivory - Of Natural Organic Origin Doris Kemp 422
The Care and Cleaning of Gems & Jewelry Francine Valant 423
Fee Basis Field Trips and Guided Rock Hunts The T-Town Rockhound 424
Tumbling Kip Hodges 369
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 371
Fossil Dept. A. G. Zvirblis 378
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 386
Minerals Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micrormounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 414
Thumbnails John Reiner 416
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
362, 397
Dop Sticks and Cabochons K. J. Black 366
A Trip for A Summer Day 'The Pick & Wheel' 376
400 Billion Tons of Sand off Northeast Coast
Dollars in 'Waste' Sand 'Calif. Geology' 396
July/August Whole #406-407 48:7-8
Title Author Start
Calcite Crystalline Vugs From Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico Paul L. Broughton 435
That Turquoise May Be Plastic Show-Me Newsletter 446
State Stones Minnesota George Kosel 447
Pressure Changes Minerals California Geology
Making The Rounds Lucille Bishop 452
A Weekend of New Experiences Gladys Personius 456
Minas Geraes and Its Gem Minerals Kilian E. Bensusan, R.S.M. 466
Open House at Limecrest - 1973 Russell M. Wood 492
Tumbling Kip Hodges 441
Fossil Dept. A. G. Zvirblis 450
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon, Wertz 458
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounter Corner Betty Lynch Williams 486
Thumbnails John Reiner 488
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
434, 470
Calcites at Kibblehouse Quarry Morton L. Metersky 440
Mineral Collection Presented to Berkshire Community College
A Mineral Named After Neil Armstrong Novosti Press Agency 469
Yttrium George Vacik 489
September Whole #408 48:9
Title Author Start
Mineral Collecting in Northern England and Scotland J. H. Marshall, Jr. 507
The Physical Properties - Cleavage-Hardness-Specific. Gravity (Part II) Dorothy Buzzell 518
Exhibiting Fossils at Home Rhonda Pettit 525
Alabaster in Colorado Richard M. Pearl 538
Mineral Collecting in New York City - Program Synopsis
Please Do Not Collect Mineral Specimens in Caves or Caverns L. Heinrich 564
Tumbling Kip Hodges 516
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 522
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 530
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounter Corner Betty Lynch Williams 558
Thumbnails John Reiner 560
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Coming Events
506, 542
Thar's Gold Still Today in Comstock Lode (Paterson News) 517
Buffing and Polishing Wheels Chips and Facets 520
The 1973 Greater Detroit International Gem and Mineral Show
Petrified Forest Being Slowly Hauled Away (Chippers Chatter) 535
October Whole #409 48:10
Title Author Start
First Annual N. J. Earth Science, Show Danny McHugh, Jr. 585
Judge Kushner Revises Ouray Mineral Guide Paterson News 586
Treasures Oaf The Earth Exhibit
Eastern Federation of Mineralogical' and Lapidary Societies, Inc. - 1973 Bulletin Editors Contest
A Collecting Trip to Bancroft, Ontario, Canada Anthony Dunn 579
Lead - And Its Ores Gary Finiol 582
The Biggest Piece of Jade The Southwest Gem 597
Trilobites Marie Kennedy 598
Rockhound Haven - Bancroft Area of Ontario Kermit M. Stong 610
A Gift of Love Elizabeth H. Mitchell 612
Future Collecting Sites Jim Minette - M.S.S.C. Bulletin 636
Hawaiian Gems and Their Locations The Southwest Gem 638
Fairburn Agates In Custer County, S. Dakota Martha Linde 640
Idaho's Star Garnets Kenneth R. Buchanan 641
Tumbling Kip Hodges 588
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 590
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 594
Chips and Bits From EFMILS Clubs Vernon Wertz 602
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 630
Thumbnails John Reiner 632
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhound's Welcome
Coming Events
578, 614
Molten Rock Fell Over East Half of U.S. 35 Million Years Ago
November Whole #410 48:11
Title Author Start
Oxford County, Maine: The Place To Go Frank Ward 651
Garnet Story Janet Burkett 664
Chemical Classes of Minerals - (Part III) Dorothy Buzzell 668
Synthetic Gemstones: Emerald Jim Johnson (Tuscarora Bulletin) 671
Real Mineral 'Finds' Just Up The Road Lin Weisenstein 683
Round The World Tour of Chugah Gems & Mineral Society Grace E. Fox 706
Building Your Own Folding Display Case Walt Lapinsky 710
Tumbling Kip Hodges 660
Fossil A. G. Zvirblis 666
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 674
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 702
Thumbnails John Reiner 704
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Retired Mineralogists Move to Local Area to Continue Studies of Maine Pegmatites
Visualizing Geologic Time
Why Do Minerals Have Color
Coal is Becoming a Hot Item in Jewelry
Questions and Answers on the Ceramic Polishing Lap
December Whole #411 48:12
Title Author Start
Frankly 'Loaded' With 'Rubies' For Enjoyment Elza and William V. Slatery 723
A Practical Guide To Rock Identification Albert J. Copley 728
From Drake To Virginia City Dana Martin Batory 754
Mineral Memos #23 - Alexandrite Russell Hassemer (Rocky Echoes) 780
A Short Course in Determinative Mineralogy Richard Grier, Jr. 782
Tumbling Kip Hodges 732
The Amateur Lapidary Helen L. MacLeod 735
Fossil A. G. Zvirbils 738
Chips and Bits From EFMLS Clubs Vernon Wertz 746
Mineral Localities Information
Publications Recently Received
The Micromounters Corner Betty Lynch Williams 774
Thumbnail's John Reiner 777
Swapping Corner
Visiting Rockhounds Welcome
Field Trip to Yazoo County
May Turn Coal to Oil
Earth Science Crossword Puzzle Carol Babst 740
Miami Beach Coral
Exxon Announces Coal Development Program
New Expedition to Hunt for Australia's 'Reef' of Gold Douglas Orson (Paterson News) 758
Some Southwest Gold Deposits Still Outwit Prospectors
Technique For Polishing Small Nodules and Slabs on a Vibrating Lap



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