January Whole #66 12:1
Title Author Start
Chips from the Quarry
The Editor Goes Afield Peter Zodac 3
A Visit to Grafton, New Hampshire John L. Baum 15
The Minerals of West Pittston, Pa. M. Allen Northrup 18
A Mineralogical Journey through Bohemia F. W. Cassirer 21
The Amateur Lapidary J. H. Howard 24
More Notes on Gem Polish J. H. Howard 24
A Peek at Our Mail
General Index of Authors and Contents. Volume 11, 1936
February Whole #67 12:2
Title Author Start
Rock Crystals - Some Facts and Uses Peter Zodac 35
Herkimer County Quartz Crystals Newland 36
How to Tell Right-Handed and Left-Handed Quartz Crystals Maurice R. Thompson 38
Inclusions in Rock Crystal Peter Zodac 44
The Real Beauty of Herkimer County Quartz Crystals W. J. Hollister 48
Ellenville Quartz Crystals Peter Zodac 49
Some Old Quartz Localities in Rhode Island Arthur L. Flagg 51
Stibnite in Quartz from Nevada Frank Garaventa 53
Digging Rock Crystals near Napanoch, N. Y. Peter Zodac 54
The Amateur Lapidary J. H. Howard 55
Relative Hardness of Minerals Arthur Knapp 55
Rock Crystal Glossary Peter Zodac 56
March Whole #68 12:3
Title Author Start
Caverns of the Mojave W. Scott Lewis 67
Iridescent Pumice - A new Find in Oregon C. P. Becker 69
The Internal Structure of the Earth
Hunting Rock Crystals near Hauto, Penn. Peter Zodac 71
Topaz on Boldface Mountain, N. H. Millard H. Chandler 72
Dinosaur Tracks in Connecticut Karl Proctor Perry 74
Some Notes on Igneous Rocks
Carry Your Own Canteen J. W. Patton 76
Colorado Amethyst Allan Caplan 83
Collecting around Chester, Vt. John Pierce 84
A Proposed Listing of Collectors and Localities Capt. H. E. Mitchell 86
The Prospector (a poem) Howard R. Williams 87
Micro-Method for Determining the Streak of Minerals Eugene W. Blank 88
A Unique Quartz Specimen Peter Zodac 89
Bibliographical Notes
The Amateur Lapidary J. H. Howard 90
Synthetic Gems: The Mineral Martyrs Emmet Doherty 90
A Peek at our Mail
Chips from the Quarry
April Whole #69 12:4
Title Author Start
The Ancient Copper Mine of Arent Schuyler O. Ivan Lee 99
Praktikum der Edelsteinkunde (Practical Knowledge of Precious Stones) Reviewed by Carl H. Klein 109
Boston Mineral Club
The Salt of the Earth
Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Minerals from a Limestone Quarry at Haileybury, Ont., Canada M. L. Shaw 113
The Canon City Embayment F. C. Kessler 114
The Nature of Fossils Edwin V. Van Amringe 117
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 120
New Editor for The Amateur Lapidary
Lapidary Notes Arthur Knapp 120
A Peek at Our Mail
Chips from the Quarry
May Whole #70 12:5
Title Author Start
Chips from the Quarry
Minerals of the Strickland Quarry Peter Zodac 131
Wesleyan Museum to be Open for Association Members
Some Mineral Localities Near Portland, Conn.
The Lava Casts Forest of Oregon E. C. Alford 146
The Cave Regions of Kentucky Harry W. Mauntel 148
Fifth National Outing of the Rocks and Minerals Association (An Announcement)
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 152
A Visit to New York Arthur Knapp 152
Dr. Wade's Flow Theory R. A. Lohse 152
New York Mineralogical Club's 50th Anniversary Exhibit Peter Zodac 153
A Peek at Our Mail
A Paint Mine Near Palmerton, Penn. A. Joseph Stanley 156
June Whole #71 12:6
Title Author Start
Chips from the Quarry
A collecting trip to Cumberland and Durham Counties, England in 1912 Paul Walther 163
Gold Jonathan McC. Blair 165
The Homalodotherium
Minerals of Leadville, Colorado Allan Caplan 172
Cosmopolitan Specimens Peter Zodac 175
Unusual occurrence of halite Kiril Spiroff 176
Recapitulation Walter P. Sachs 177
Coal, its origin, production, uses, and by-products
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 184
Inspection of work in process J. H. Howard 184
Micro-method for determining the hardness of minerals Eugene W. Blank 186
A Peek at our Mail
A visit to an amber mine in East Prussia Gertrude Schmidt 188
July Whole #72 12:7
Title Author Start
The Epidote Localities of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska Arthur Montgomery 195
The Brontosaurus
Some Minerals of Ishpeming, Mich. A. Joseph Alessi 209
Chalcanthite at Bingham Canyon, Utah C. J. Rordell 210
Occurrences of Fluorescent Semi-Opal and Moss Opal in Virgin Valley, Nevada Mark Foster 212
Shorthand Expression of Mineral Properties Eugene W. Blank 215
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 216
Getting Started
Polishing Coal for Polarization Studies
On the Avenue
How Many Collectors Bill McCampbell 218
Chalcedony and Agate After Prehnite Wm. C. Casperson 220
August Whole #73 12:8
Title Author Start
An Important Announcement
We Collected Minerals in Georgia Alfred C. Hawkins 227
Dinosaur Gizzard Stones W. C. Minor 229
Mineralogical Society of Springfield Outing D. S. Brownell 231
Exchanging Paul McGuire 232
Pyromorphite at the Brookdale Lead Mine Thomas J. Lewis 234
A Tragic Accident
The Micro Determination of Minerals Eugene W. Blank 236
A New Garment Hanger
Noticed at the 5th Annual Outing R. Emmet Doherty 239
Canon City Geology Club Co-operates With the R. & M. 5th National Outing F. C. Kessler 242
Cleveland Mineralogical Society Has Big Outing Robert H. Long 243
A 'Par Mine' in Maine Kaarina Bjareby 244
Mineral Development in Soviet Russia E. Van Amringe 246
R. & M. A. Outing in Southern California E. V. Van Amringe 247
R. & M. A. Outing in Maryland A. Llewellyn Jones and W. E. Price 247
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 248
Slicing of Stone John Vlismas (Edited by H. L. Perdiue) 248
Queens Long Island Mineral Society
September Whole #74 12:9
Title Author Start
Old Nick's Copper Nicholas A. D'Arcy, Jr. 259
The Oldest Meteorite
A List of Minerals Found in Pegmatites and Granites David M. Seaman 265
Agatized Cones From Argentina
The Calico Mountains W. Scott Lewis 268
Some Old Localities in Connecticut Wilbur J. Elwell 270
Selenite Crystals at Ellsworth, Ohio Gerald U. Greene 272
A Utah Outing C. J. Rordell 274
An Accurate Easily Made Specific Gravity Scale Edwin Roedder 278
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 283
Stone Cutting As a Hobby for Women Lillian M. Oterson 283
October Whole #75 12:10
Title Author Start
Emerald, Stony Point, Alexander Co., N.C.
Frontispiece Reno Club Observes Annual Field Trip Fred G. Greulich 291
An Opinion of a Mining Engineer 86 years ago Ralph J. Magri, Jr. 297
The Craters of the Moon, Idaho Priscilla J. Wales 298
Tools for the Mineral Collector G. B. Ellermeier 300
Rambling Round Cisco, Utah W. C. Minor 302
A Geological Oddity from Montauk Point, New York Eugene W. Blank 304
Birth of the Opal (poem) Betty Browne 305
Teaching Rocks and Minerals in High School M. H. Shearer 306
Minerals and Mines of Springfield, N. H. John M. Ulrich 308
The Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming I. N. Taylor 310
Camp Crockett Goes Geologic F. C. Kessler 312
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 313
Grinding and Polishing a Sphere John Vlismas (Edited by H. L. Perdiue) 313
Classified Advertisements
Chips from the Quarry
November Whole #76 12:11
Title Author Start
Newark Mineralogical Society
A Block of Salt From Palestine
With Our Authors
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 344
A Suggestion to Amateur Cutters of Cabochons Dr. Frank B. Wade 344
An Early Gold Rush to Baffin Land
Pyrite, Leadville, Colorado
Chips from the Quarry
The Terlingua Quicksilver District of Brewster County, Texas Frank Duncan 325
Some Minerals of the Gillette Quarry, Haddam Neck, Conn. Sterling G. Gillette 333
John Doe Among the Dinosaurs Walther E. P. Huebner 334
Motion Picture photography of Mineral Specimens J. K. Fisher 338
Fossil Pearls W. E. Howarth 340
N.G.C. Adopts Rocks and Minerals
The Devil's Corkscrews
Discovery of a Mastodon Skeleton Near Aurora, Ill. Mrs. Florence Anderson 342
December Whole #77 12:12
Title Author Start
Native Copper
Chips From The Quarry
Collecting In Greenland Charles R. Toothaker 357
A Forest of 350,000,000 Years Ago
Goin' Down The Road J. W. Patton 363
Queens Mineral Society Adopts Rocks and Minerals
Fracture Agate Thomas A. Reiner 370
Notes On a New Gold Mine and Flotation Mill Near Washington, D. C. Dr. Titus Ulke 371
New Emery Strike In Peekskill Peter Zodac 372
Recent Finds of Interest
The Amateur Lapidary Arthur Knapp 376
Miscellaneous Notes Arthur Knapp 376



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