J/A 82 152 New Minerals from Indian Mountain, Alabama and Cedartown, Georgia

S/O 95 320 Alabama Mineral Locality Index

J/A 00 239 Collector's Note: A New Diamond Find in Alabama


J/F 95 56 Through the Scope: Minerals of the Vanadinite Mine, Mohave County, Arizona

J/F 97 10 Arizona Copper

J/F 97 28 The Red Cloud Mine: Awakening of a Sleeping Giant

J/F 97 40 Connoisseur's Choice: Copper, Ray Mine, Pinal County, Arizona


J/A 89 270 The Geology of Arkansas, The Natural State

J/A 89 278 Carboniferous Fossil Plant Localities in the Ouachita-Ozark Mountain Areas of

J/A 89 284 Rush Creek Mining District, Marion County, Arkansas

J/A 89 293 Ouachita National Forest Implements New Quartz Procedures

J/A 89 294 Arkansas Phosphate Minerals: A Review and Update

J/A 89 300 Minerals from the Miarolitic Cavities at the Diamond Jo Quarry, Magnet Cove, Hot Spring County, Arkansas

J/A 89 308 Fee-Collecting Areas in Arkansas

J/A 89 314 Mineralogy of the Granite Mountain Syenite, Pulaski and Saline Counties, Arkansas

J/A 89 330 Geology, Mineral, and Fossil Collections and Displays in Arkansas

N/D 92 402 Hercynite Crystals from the Kimzey Calcite Quarry, Magnet Cove, Arkansas, and Their Distinction from Perovskite

M/J 94 180 Through the Scope: Collecting Microminerals at Cove Creek, Magnet Cove,

M/J 95 154 Minerals of the Wilson Springs Vanadium Mines, Potash Sulphur Springs,

M/A 96 134 Through the scope: collecting microminerals in the Arkansas antimony district

M/A 99 92 Brookite, Rutile Paramorphs after Brookite, and Rutile Twins from Magnet Cove, Arkansas


J/F 86 19 Where the insects are in stone: San Bernadino Co. California

J/F 86 33 Fluorescent forum: Holcomb Valley - Apatite, calcite, willemite

N/D 88 440 Black Tourmaline from Little Cahuilla Mountain, Riverside County, California

J/F 94 40 Connoisseur's Choice: Gold, Jamestown, Tuolumene County, California

J/F 95 27 Geology and Mineralogy of the New Idria District, San Benito and Fresno Counties,

J/F 95 36 Minerals of the the Pacoima Pegmatite, Los Angeles County, California

M/J 97 156 Recent Work at the Lithia Dike Claim, Cahuilla Mountain, Riverside County,

M/J 98 156 The Geology, Mineralogy, and History of the Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, San Diego County, California


S/O 85 219 Kings Kanyon Lithium Pegmatites, Crystal Mountain District, Larimer County,

J/A 87 230 Minerals from the Pegmatites of the Crystal Mountain District, Larimer County

S/O 87 302 The Grizzly Bear Mine, Ouray County, Colorado

J/A 88 272 Recent Collecting Activity in San Juan County, Colorado

M/J 89 210 The Ohio Mine, Ouray County, Colorado: A Famous Quartz Locality Rediscovered

J/F 90 58 Through the Scope: Wulfenite Occurrences in Colorado

M/A 90 114 Camp Bird Mine, Ouray County, Colorado

M/J 90 202 New Explorations at the Stoneham, Colorado, Barite Locality

S/O 90 426 Collections and displays : the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum,

S/O 91 374 Colorado Quartz: Occurrence and Discovery

J/A 92 230 The Geology, Mineralogy, and History of Four Native Silver Localities in Colorado

J/F 93 40 Connoisseur's Choice Rhodochrosite, Alma, Park Country, Colorado

J/A 93 248 Connoisseur's Choice: Microcline Variety Amazonite, Yucca Hill Prospect, Park County, Colorado

S/O 93 327 Through the Scope: Brookite, Anatase & Rutile from the Silver Link Mine, Ouray County, Colorado

M/A 94 104 Secondary Lead-Copper-Zinc Minerals from the Titusville Mine, San Juan County,

J/A 94 220 Colorado Pyrite, Featured Mineral at the 1994 Denver Show

S/O 94 298 Mineralogy of a Calc-Silicate Locality near Genesee park, Jefferson County,

S/O 94 330 Through the Scope: An Occurrence of Prehnite in the Red Mountain Mining District, Ouray County, Colorado

J/F 95 46 The Rocket Mine, Crystal Peak Area, Colorado

M/J 95 180 Through the Scope: Update on the Mineralogy of San Juan Mountains, Southwestern, Colorado

J/A 95 232 Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument: Preservation of an Ancient Ecosystem

S/O 95 298 Colorado Calcite

M/A 96 94 Zunyite and associated minerals from the Zuni Mine, San Juan County, Colorado

M/J 96 164 Colorado Fluorite

S/O 96 306 Colorado Topaz

S/O 96 320 Pikes Peak Topaz

S/O 96 350 Through the 'Scope: Microminerals of the Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County,

J/F 97 36 Highgraders Holiday Weekend: Return of a Colorado Tradition

J/A 97 218 Colorado Gold: Part 1:The Discovery, Mining History, Geology, and Specimen Mineralogy of Selected Occurrences in the Front Range

J/A 97 240 Sweet Home Mine Rodochrosite Wall at the Denver Museum of Natural History

S/O 97 304 Colorado Gold: Part 2:The Discovery, Mining History, Geology, and Specimen Mineralogy of Selected Occurrences in Central Colorado and the San Juans

J/A 98 242 Colorado Barite

S/O 98 330 A Window of the Mesozoic Era: Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado

S/O 98 356 Through the 'Scope: Mineralogy of Tuckers Tunnel, Tuckerville, Hinsdale County, Colorado

J/A 99 220 Colorado Sphalerite

S/O 00 302 Colorado Rhodochrosite

S/O 00 318 The Mineralogy, Geology, and Mining History of the Telluride District, San Miguel County, Colorado: Part I - A Historical Overview of the District and the Smuggler Union and Associated Mines and Veins of the

S/O 00 350 Colorado Diamonds: An Update

N/D 00 378 The Mineralogy, Geology, and Mining History of the Telluride District, San Miguel County, Colorado: Part 2-Other Mines and Veins of Marshall Basin and the Mines and Veins of Coronet, Savage, and Ingram Basins

J/A 01 222 Pikes Peak Topaz: An interview with Colorado collector George M. White

J/A 01 228 Goethite inclusions in quartz from the Pikes Peak granite

S/O 01 298 A brief summary of the mineral deposits of the Pikes Peak batholith, Colorado

S/O 01 332 Mineral occurrences in the Leadville Limestone, Ouray County, Colorado

N/D 01 406 Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum: on the move

M/J 02 154 History, Geology, and mineralogy of the Brooklyn mine, San Juan County,

J/A 02 218 A tour of Colorado gemstone localities

J/A 02 252 Occurrence and genesis of thunder eggs containing plume and moss agate from


M/J 85 119 The Thomaston Dam Site, Thomaston, Connecticut

N/D 89 456 Amethyst Scepters, Salem, New London County, Connecticut

N/D 95 358 The geology of Connecticut

N/D 95 378 Connecticut Gems &Gem Minerals

N/D 95 383 The Wesleyan museum of natural history, Middleton, Connecticut

N/D 95 386 Minerals of Connecticut: A checklist

N/D 95 392 Connoisseurs Choice: Chalcocite, Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut

N/D 95 396 Connecticut mineral locality index

N/D 95 412 Connecticut in the Age of Dinosaurs: A fossil legacy

N/D 95 420 Through the scope: Microminerals of Connecticut

M/A 99 110 The Quarries and Minerals of the Dayton Road District, South Glastonbury, Connecticut


M/J 99 156 Florida's Fantastic Fulgurite Find


N/D 88 471 A Gahnite Occurrence in Carrol County, Georgia

M/J 89 184 Georgia Mineral Locality Index


S/O 93 322 More Than Just Horses: Hagerman Fossil Beds, Hagerman Idaho

J/A 95 242 Idaho Mineral Locality Index

N/D 98 400 Connoisseur's Choice: Ludlamite, Blackbird Mine, Cobalt, Lemhi County, Idaho

M/A 01 113 Collector's Note: A new heulandite find near Challis, Custer County, Idaho

M/J 01 190 Connoisseur's choice: pyromorphite, Bunker Hill Mine, Couer d'Alene District

M/J 01 Shoshone County, Idaho


J/A 88 290 The Illinois Mazon Creek Fossils

J/F 89 36 The Monster of Illinois: Paleontology and Politics


M/J 90 244 Flora, Fauna and Paleoecology of the Brazil Formation of Indiana


N/D 02 404 Iowa mineral locality index


J/F 92 38 Minerals in Fossil Coral from a Site in Central Kentucky

M/J 94 170 A River Run through Them: The Fossil Beds of the Falls of the Ohio in Kentucky

J/A 94 254 Minerals of the Walker Vein, Caldwell Stone Company Quarry, Boyle County,

S/O 94 326 A Barite and Sphalerite Locality in Bath County, Central Kentucky

M/J 95 172 Trilobite Amphitheater at the Behringer-Crawford Museum, Devou Park,

J/A 95 256 Connoisseur's Choice: Millerite, Halls Gap, Lincoln County, Kentucky


M/J 94 156 Louisiana Mineral Locality Index


N/D 90 498 Minings at the Bennet Quarry, Buckfield, Maine

J/F 94 44 Amethyst Discovery on Deer Hill, Stow, Oxford County, Maine

J/F 97 44 Renewed Mining at the Western Quarries of Mount Apatite, Maine

N/D 00 408 The Estes Quarry, Cumberland County, Maine: A New Pegmatite Mineral Locality


J/F 87 27 Maryland's State Fossil Ecphora Quedriscostata


M/A 01 92 Loudville Pyromorphite: The story of an extraordinary boulder unearthed at Manhan Easthampton, Massachusetts


M/J 87 169 Fossil Vertebrates of Michigan

M/J 90 240 Through the Scope: Microminerals of the Caledonia Mine, Ontonagon County,

M/A 96 112 Connoisseur's Choice: Celestine, Maybee Quarry, Monroe County, Michigan

N/D 96 381 The Cliff, America's First Native Copper Mine

M/A 97 107 A Keweenaw Adventure: Specimen Mining at the Caledonia Mine, Ontonagon

M/J 98 182 News from the Keweenaw: Recent Mineral Finds in Michigan's Copper Country

M/J 99 160 The History, Geology, and Mineralogy of the White Pine Mine, Ontonagon County,

M/A 00 92 Mines and Minerals of Michigan's Iron Country

M/J 00 181 Collector's Note: The Point Mills Nugget, Houghton County, Michigan

J/A 00 222 Mineralogy of Point Prospect, Keweenaw County, Michigan

M/J 01 156 The copper-bearing conglomerate lodes of the Michigan Copper Country

M/J 01 189 The story of the copper miner statue

N/D 01 403 Collector's note: A spectacular find of amygdaloidal agates with native copper

N/D 02 378 News from the Keweenaw: part 2 - recent mineral finds in Michigan's copper country


M/A 96 102 Some Mines and Minerals of Morgan County, Missouri

N/D 97 363 An Introduction to the Geology of Missouri

N/D 97 370 Brushy Creek Mine, Reynolds County, Missouri

N/D 97 374 Galena Crystals from Stope 72B30, Brushy Creek Mine, Reynolds County,

N/D 97 384 Connoisseur's Choice Hemimorphite Pseudomorphs after Calcite, Joplin, Missouri

N/D 97 393 Missouri Fossils

N/D 97 400 Tri-State and Viburnum Trend Districts: An Overview

N/D 97 420 Geodes from the Warsaw Formation of Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois

N/D 97 425 Missouri Visitor Information

N/D 97 431 Missouri-Related Articles Published in Rocks and Minerals: An Annotated

M/A 98 90 Minerals of the Pea Ridge Mine, Washington County, Missouri

M/A 98 98 Missouri Mineral Locality Index


S/O 89 397 Gold Mineralization at Olinghouse, Nevada

S/O 93 300 Smoky Quartz Crystals from Lake Tahoe, Washoe County, Nevada

N/D 96 408 Connoisseur's Choice: Cinnabar Near Lovelock, Pershing County, Nevada

N/D 99 357 Geology of Nevada

N/D 99 364 The Ichthyosaur, Nevada's State Fossil

N/D 99 368 Transparent Gemstones of Nevada

N/D 99 370 Nevada Mineral Locality Index

N/D 99 380 History of the Comstock Lode, Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada

N/D 99 392 Connoisseur's Choice: Stibnite, Murray Mine, Elko County, Nevada

N/D 99 396 Specimen Recovery at the Meikle and Murray Mines, Elko County, Nevada

N/D 99 403 Another Nevada Specimen-Recovery Project

N/D 99 405 Nevada Gold, Silver, and Copper Deposits and Their Minerals

N/D 99 417 Nevada Visitor Information

M/A 00 112 Connoisseur's Choice: Orpiment, Twin Creeks Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada

M/A 00 116 The W. M. Keck Museum of the Mackay School of Mines, Reno, Nevada

M/A 00 120 Garnet and Clinozoisite from the Nightingale Mining District, Pershing County,

M/A 00 126 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Nevada Mineral Names

New Hampshire

S/O 90 432 Recent mineral discoveries at Mine Falls Park, Nashua, Hillsborough County, New

M/A 91 129 The Weeks Pegmatite Mine, Wakefield, Carroll County, New Hampshire

M/J 92 158 Miarolitic Cavity Minerals of the Government Pit, Albany, New Hampshire

New Jersey

J/A 84 157 Triassic Traprock Minerals of New Jersey

S/O 84 214 Persons Memorialized in the Names of Minerals, Originally Discovered at Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey

S/O 85 213 Mineralization at the Millington Quarry, New Jersey

M/J 87 150 Mineralization at the Fanwood and Summit Quarries, New Jersey

S/O 89 368 The Sterling Mine: A Talk with Bob Metsger

S/O 89 373 Sterling Mine Update

M/A 91 147 Fluorite from Veins in Diabase near Kingston, New Jersey

S/O 97 330 Unusual Graphite Crystals from the Lime Crest Quarry, Sparta, New Jersey

S/O 98 320 Recent Mineral Finds at the Millington Quarry, Somerset County, New Jersey

M/A 00 131 A Field Trip to the Trotter Mine Dump, Franklin, New Jersey

New Mexico

J/F 91 56 Through the Scope: Minerals of the Socorro Peak District, Socorro County, New

N/D 92 390 The San Pedro Mine, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

M/A 93 96 Minerals of the Black Hawk District, New Mexico

S/O 02 298 Minerals of the Granite Gap Mines, Hidalgo County, New Mexico

New York

M/A 87 78 The Occurrence of Wollastonite and Titanite Natural Bridge, Lewis County, New

J/A 87 243 Serendibite, Sinhalite, Sapphirine and Grandidierite from the Adirondack Mountains at Johnsburg, New York

M/J 92 176 Tetrahedrite Crystals from the Zinc Mines at Balmat, St. Lawrence County, New

J/A 94 251 Eurypterus: The State Fossil of New York

N/D 98 404 A 1946 Find of Gem Sphalerite Crystals at the Balmat Zinc Mine, St. Lawrence County, New York

J/A 99 236 Minerals of the Gouverneur Talc Company No. 4 Quarry (Valentine Deposit), Town of Diana, Lewis County, New York

J/A 00 231 Scepter Quartz Crystals from the Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine near Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York

North Carolina

M/J 85 130 The Bald Knob Manganese Deposit, Alleghany County, North Carolina


N/D 90 512 Ohio Mineral Locality Index: Finlay Arch and Serpent Mound Districts

N/D 92 405 Indian Trail Caverns: A Window on Ohio's Pleistocene Bestiary

J/A 93 251 Pyrite Aggregates from Guernsey Limestone Quarry, Washington County, Ohio

S/O 02 306 Ohio Mineral Locality Index - Part 2: Concretions and miscellaneous occurrences

S/O 02 333 Cincinnati elects official fossil


J/A 97 252 Oklahoma Mineral Locality Index


M/J 87 175 Garnets from Delaware County, Pennsylvania

S/O 90 404 Rocks for the fountain of freedom, Independence mall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

M/J 92 179 Calcite from Thomasville, Pennsylvania: Morphology and Twinning

J/A 94 260 Calcite Crystals from the Old Faylor-Middlecreek Quarry, Winfield, Pennsylvania: Crystal Habits & Twinning

S/O 02 348 Collectors note: a remarkable calcite pocket at the York Building supply company,

South Carolina

J/A 87 240 Berkeley Quarry, Cross, South Carolina

South Dakota

M/J 85 109 Mineral Localities in the Black Hills of South Dakota

N/D 92 380 Minerals of the Etta Pegmatite, Black Hills, South Dakota

M/J 94 188 Connoisseur's Choice: Barite, Wasta, Pennington County, South Dakota

M/J 00 156 South Dakota Mineral Locality Index


J/A 97 268 Red and Pink Variscite from the Wood Mine, Cocke County Tennessee


M/J 91 196 Texas Mineral Locality Index

J/F 92 43 Fluorescent Forum: The Mercury Mines of Terlingua, Texas- Blue Fluorescing Calcite, Part 1

M/A 92 86 Rediscovering Lampasas Celestine, Lampasas County, Texas

M/J 93 188 Fluorescent Forum: The Mercury Mines of Terlingua, Texas-Blue fluorescing Calcite, Part 2

J/A 98 287 Through the 'Scope: Minerals from the Sulfide Zone at Boling Salt Dome, New Gulf, Wharton County, Texas


J/A 82 162 Second Edition-Minerals of the Thomas Range, Utah

N/D 93 360 The Geology of Utah: A Resume

N/D 93 369 Visitor Information

N/D 93 372 Minerals of the Big Indian Copper Mine, San Juan County, Utah

N/D 93 381 An Overview of Recent Mineral Collecting in Utah

N/D 93 394 Connoisseur's Choice: Pyrite, Park City District, Utah

N/D 93 398 The Repete Mine, San Juan County, Utah

N/D 93 402 Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine: A Brief History

N/D 93 406 Minerals of the Centennial Eureka Mine, Tintic District, Eureka, Utah

N/D 93 422 Some Middle Cambrian Fossils of Utah

J/A 00 240 Mineralogy of the Jomac Mine, San Juan County, Utah

J/A 00 258 "Red Wood" from the Yellow Cat Area of Grand County, Utah


J/A 96 214 Visitor Information

J/A 96 216 Vermont's State Gem, Mineral, Rock and Fossil

J/A 96 218 The Geology of Vermont

J/A 96 226 Vermont's Geologic History as Told by its Fossils

J/A 96 231 The Carlton Quarry, Chester, Windsor County, Vermont

J/A 96 236 Minerals of the Quarries of Lowell-Eden, Vermont

J/A 96 247 Vermont-Related Articles Published in Rocks and Minerals: An Annotated

J/A 96 248 Connoisseur's Choice: Rutile-included Quartz, Waterbury, Vermont

J/A 96 252 Through the 'Scope: Searching Vermont for Microminerals

J/A 96 275 Chesterite, Jimthompsonite, and Clinojimthompsonite from the Type Locality: Carlton Quarry, Chester, Windsor County, Vermont

S/O 96 324 Vermont Mineral Locality Index


M/A 87 109 Pyrite and Other Minerals from Bargers' Quarry, Lexington, Virginia

N/D 88 446 Large Andalusite Crystals from Campbell County, Virginia: Their Alteration to Kyanite and Sillimanite and Their Other Associated Minerals

J/A 93 232 Minerals of the Morefield Pegmatite, Amelia County, Virginia

S/O 02 320 Minerals of the Hutter Mine, a new manganese-barium mineral locality in northern

S/O 02 346 An examination of crystallized turquoise from Lynch Station, Virginia


J/F 88 25 Minerals of the Crescent Formation, Robertson Pit, Mason County, Washington

M/A 88 146 Important Eocene Flora and Fauna Unearthed at Republic, Washington

M/J 91 226 Through the Scope: Microminerals at Rock Island Dam Douglas county, Washington

N/D 91 450 Minerals of the Golden Horn Batholith, Okanogan County Washington

N/D 91 466 Washington's Japan-law Twin and Sceptered Quartz Localities

N/D 91 478 The Vesper Peak Garnet Deposit, Snohomish County, Washington

J/A 98 268 Minerals from the Weyerhaeuser Lincoln Creek Quarry, Lewis County, Washington

J/A 01 218 Green fluorite from the Kettle Mine, Ferry County, Washington

West Virginia

M/J 93 158 The Minerals of Sugar Grove, West Virginia


M/J 87 188 Minerals of the Pegmatite Bodies in the Wausau Pluton, Marathon County,

S/O 90 412 Amygdule minerals in the Keweenawan Basalt, South Range Quarry, Douglas

S/O 95 335 Through the scope: Microminerals of the Flambeau Mine, Ladysmith, Rusk

S/O 97 322 The Flambeau Mine, Ladysmith, Rusk County, Wisconsin: A Case Study of Consensus Building in One Community

S/O 97 344 Through the Scope: In Memoriam The Flambeau Mine, Rusk County, Wisconsin, June 1993-March 1997

N/D 98 378 Wisconsin Mineral Locality Index

J/A 99 254 Minerals of a Wausau Pegmatite, Marathon County, Wisconsin


S/O 90 438 Knightia: Wyoming's state fossil

M/J 92 172 Early Fossil Discoveries in Wyoming

J/A 92 256 The Green River Formation Fossil Quarries of Wyoming

M/J 93 180 Fossil Butte National Monument, Kemmerer, Wyoming

M/J 94 163 The Sunrise Mine near Hartville, Wyoming

S/O 96 339 Beryl from the Catherine No. 1 Mine, Casper Mountain, Natrona County, Wyoming

S/O 00 353 Discovery of the Ferris Outlier, Albany County, Wyoming

J/A 01 234 The Copper Mountain pegmatite district, Fremont County Wyoming

N/D 01 380 Wyoming mineral locality index

S/O 02 334 A new source of gem-quality cordierite and corundum in the Laramie Range of SE

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