S/O 87 328 Mineral Art Today
S/O 89 406 Marcel Vanek and His Art
N/D 89 476 Of Mines and Men: A Look at Art That Depicts Mining
M/J 90 224 Rocks Depicted in Painting and Sculpture
S/O 90 430 Lora Atz: Sculptress of The Singlejack Miner
J/F 91 48 Mineral Art Today, Part 2
M/A 92 94 From Bones to Behemoths: A look at Dinosaur Art and Artists
M/J 92 187 Northwest Artist Kristin H. Lindell
J/F 93 44 Nebraskan Artist Julie Ann Williams
M/A 93 120 The Mineral Art of Hildegarde Konighofer
M/J 93 179 Manitoba Artist Darrel Merke
J/A 93 269 Colorado Artist Cherry Hunter
M/J 94 178 Northern Ontario Artists Fred and Joan Duffy Nabb
J/A 94 238 Of Mines & Men: A Look at Art that Depicts Mining, Part 2
J/F 95 44 Ontario Artist Sheila Langlois (b. 1930)
J/A 95 264 German Mineral Artist Elberhard Equit (b. 1939)
S/O 95 318 Keith Berdak, Dinosaur Artist (b. 1955)
M/A 96 116 Daniel A, LoRusso, Artist and model maker
M/J 96 183 John Beale, Dinosaur Sculptor
S/O 96 342 Hendrik Hackl, German Sculptor
N/D 96 391 Mining Art at Penn State University
J/F 97 57 George Arthur Busch, Dinosaur Artist
M/A 97 116 Michael Leville, Artist of Ancient Life
M/J 97 174 Elke Grundmann, Artist Inspired by Pebbles
J/A 97 245 Dean Baldwin, Colorado Artist
S/O 97 335 James Gurney: Artist and Author Extraordinaire
J/F 98 52 Markus Usbelhart, Swiss Artist (b. 1961)
J/A 98 276 Pierre Rondelez: Featured Artist at the 1998 Munich Show
N/D 98 416 Carolyn Graczyk, New York Artist
M/J 99 192 German Mineral Artists: Martin Haubenreisser (b. 1938) and Uwe Haubenreisser (b.
J/A 99 260 Dinosaur Artist Phil Wilson (b. 1948)
S/O 99 328 From Minerals to Art
S/O 99 332 Illuminating the Present
J/F 00 62 Wyoming Mineral Artist Lorena Babcock Moore
M/A 00 104 Michigan Iron Country Artist Kathrine Waters (b. 1954)
J/A 00 229 Copper Country Artist James Billings (b. 1958)
J/F 01 38 Russian Mineral Artist Gregory Ivanyuk (b. 1966)
M/A 01 118 New York Artist Darryl Powell
M/J 01 189 The story of the copper miner statue
J/A 01 259 New Jersey Artist Daniel McHugh (b1939) Nick Zippo, Franklin miner and mineral
J/F 02 38 South African Mineral Artist Rainer Jackle (b. 1971)
M/A 02 124 Massachusetts mineral artist Frederick C. Willda (b. 1941)
J/A 02 246 Micromineral artist David Babulski (b 1944)
S/O 02 340 Mines and geology on advertising cards
S/O 02 344 Seattle mineral artist Saul Krotki (b. 1942)
N/D 02 396 Copper country artist James K. Lawton (b. 1942)

S/O 89 375 Periodicals for the Mineral Collector: An Annotated List
M/J 92 183 Mining Engineering Periodicals: An Important Information Source
J/A 96 247 Vermont-Related Articles Published in Rocks and Minerals: An Annotated Bibliography
N/D 97 431 Missouri-Related Articles Published in Rocks and Minerals: An Annotated Bibliography

S/O 84 214 Persons Memorialized in the Names of Minerals, Originally Discovered at Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey
M/J 85 141 Fluorescent forum: An Introductory Editorial
S/O 85 235 Fluorescent Forum: Franklin's Fluorescent Minerals: Can They Be Found Elsewhere ?
J/F 86 33 Fluorescent forum: Holcomb Valley - Apatite, calcite, willemite
J/F 87 53 Fluorescent Forum: Fluorescing Minerals - Expanding the List
S/O 87 355 Fluorescent Forum: Willemite, Part 1
J/A 88 327 Fluorescent Forum: Willemite, Part Two
J/F 89 57 Fluorescent Forum: Willemite, Part 3
S/O 89 368 The Sterling Mine: A Talk with Bob Metsger
S/O 89 373 Sterling Mine Update
J/F 90 35 Fluorescent Forum: Activators in Fluorescent Minerals
S/O 90 455 Fluorescent Forum : The many fluorescences of fluorite
J/F 91 65 Fluorescent Forum: The Fluorescence of Organic Minerals
J/F 92 43 Fluorescent Forum: The Mercury Mines of Terlingua, Texas- Blue Fluorescing Calcite, Part 1
M/J 93 188 Fluorescent Forum: The Mercury Mines of Terlingua, Texas-Blue fluorescing Calcite, Part 2
M/J 95 193 Fluorescent Forum: Apatite: A Remarkable Fluorescent Mineral
M/A 97 131 Fluorescent Forum: Ultraviolation and Other 1996 Shows
M/A 00 131 A Field Trip to the Trotter Mine Dump, Franklin, New Jersey

J/A 82 145 Diatomite: Origins, Occurrences, and Uses
J/A 82 148 Diatoms: Nature's Living Gems
J/A 82 169 Focus on Fossils-New Literature for the Fossil Collector
J/A 84 184 Focus on Fossils: Digging Up Dinosaurs
J/A 84 187 Focus on Fossils: Digging Up Dinosaurs
J/F 86 19 Where the insects are in stone: San Bernadino Co. California
J/F 87 27 Maryland's State Fossil Ecphora Quedriscostata
M/A 87 93 Some Books and Maps on United States Localities for the Fossil Collector's Library
M/J 87 169 Fossil Vertebrates of Michigan
S/O 87 309 Stegosaurus Named Colorado's State Fossil
J/F 88 31 The Thomas Johnson Trilobites
M/A 88 146 Important Eocene Flora and Fauna Unearthed at Republic, Washington
J/A 88 290 The Illinois Mazon Creek Fossils
N/D 88 466 Cincinnati's Timeline: 450 Million Years in a Quarter-Mile
N/D 88 487 Fluorescent Forum: Fluorescent Minerals at the 1988 Tucson and Wayne, New
J/F 89 36 The Monster of Illinois: Paleontology and Politics
J/A 89 278 Carboniferous Fossil Plant Localities in the Ouachita-Ozark Mountain Areas of
S/O 89 393 Phacops (or Fake-ops?) from Morocco: Restoration and Beyond
N/D 89 463 Mass Extinctions: Astronomical Influence or Earthly Causes?
M/A 90 150 Pseudofossils
M/J 90 244 Flora, Fauna and Paleoecology of the Brazil Formation of Indiana
S/O 90 438 Knightia: Wyoming's state fossil
J/F 91 30 The Least-Loved Fossils?
M/A 91 136 Milwaukee's Gentlemen Paleontologists
N/D 91 460 Where the Mammoths Went and Died
J/F 92 12 Life on a Log
J/F 92 38 Minerals in Fossil Coral from a Site in Central Kentucky
M/J 92 172 Early Fossil Discoveries in Wyoming
J/A 92 256 The Green River Formation Fossil Quarries of Wyoming
N/D 92 405 Indian Trail Caverns: A Window on Ohio's Pleistocene Bestiary
M/A 93 115 The Ecology of Ancient Barnacles
M/J 93 180 Fossil Butte National Monument, Kemmerer, Wyoming
J/A 93 226 Late Cenozoic Reef Mollusk Faunas from Jamaica
S/O 93 322 More Than Just Horses: Hagerman Fossil Beds, Hagerman Idaho
N/D 93 422 Some Middle Cambrian Fossils of Utah
M/J 94 170 A River Run through Them: The Fossil Beds of the Falls of the Ohio in Kentucky and
J/A 94 251 Eurypterus: The State Fossil of New York
S/O 94 314 How to Fossilize a Sea Urchin
J/F 95 26 The Arizona--Sonora Desert Museum: A Glimpse into the Ice Age
M/A 95 110 Invertebrate Trace Fossils
M/J 95 172 Trilobite Amphitheater at the Behringer-Crawford Museum, Devou Park, Covington,
J/A 95 232 Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument: Preservation of an Ancient Ecosystem
N/D 95 412 Connecticut in the Age of Dinosaurs: A fossil legacy
J/A 96 226 Vermont's Geologic History as Told by its Fossils
J/F 97 50 Mr. Greene and His Brachiopods
N/D 97 393 Missouri Fossils
S/O 98 330 A Window of the Mesozoic Era: Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado
N/D 98 418 Air Tool Preparation of Fossils
N/D 98 376 Geo-Currents: Dinosaur Debates
N/D 99 364 The Ichthyosaur, Nevada's State Fossil
J/A 00 258 "Red Wood" from the Yellow Cat Area of Grand County, Utah
S/O 00 300 Geo-Currents: Fossil News
J/F 02 54 The Karoo Supergroup: A geological and paleontological superlative
S/O 02 333 Cincinnati elects official fossil

J/F 87 49 Rock Chips: How Is Glass Formed in Nature?
M/A 87 125 Rock Chips: Can Rocks Provide Safe Storage for Nuclear Waste?
M/J 87 180 Ventifacts: Nature's Lapidary Work
J/A 87 274 Rock Chips: Some Miscellany
J/F 88 65 Rock Chips: What is a Mineraloid?
J/A 88 323 Rock Chips: "Sandblast" Cleaning of Mineral Specimens
N/D 88 491 Rock Chips: In What Kind of Rocks Are Gem Minerals Found?
J/F 89 46 Some Reflections on Recreational Mineral Collecting on Public Lands
J/F 89 53 Rock Chips: What is a Thin Section?
S/O 89 366 Are Cultured Pearls Mineral? The Continuing Evolution of the Definition of Mineral
M/A 92 124 Rock Chips: How Can I Get Others Interested in Rocks?
M/J 92 194 Rock Chips: Are There Rocks That Bend?
N/D 92 410 Rock Chips : How Are Natural Bridges Formed:?
J/F 93 47 Spotlight on Juniors: The Formation of Stalagmites and Stalactites
J/A 93 264 Rock Chips: How Are Caves Formed?
J/A 93 277 Spotlight on Juniors: Earth Tremors-Feel the Shake, Rattle and Roll
M/A 94 122 Rock Chips: What Makes Niagara Falls?
M/J 94 191 Rock Chips: What is the Niagara Escarpment?
J/A 94 274 Through the Scope: Publishing Fallout--More Tips for the Micromounter
S/O 94 324 Spotlight on Juniors: Magnetic Minerals
M/J 95 188 Some Noteworthy Minerals, Rocks, and Crystals
S/O 95 340 Rock Chips: What Are Glacial Erratics?
N/D 95 358 The geology of Connecticut
M/A 96 124 Hidden Worlds : inside stony meteorites
N/D 96 412 Rock Chips: Are "Free" Concretions and Geodes Cobblestones?
S/O 98 344 A New Twin Law, or What?
M/A 99 90 Geo-Currents: Geo-bio-chemistry
M/J 99 154 Geo-Currents: Exotic Glasses
J/A 99 266 Rock Chips: Carbonate Concretions, Part 1
J/A 99 218 Geo-Currents: Earth's Mantle
S/O 99 300 Twins: Crystal Curiosities
S/O 99 321 Observations on the Strength of Twin Planes
S/O 99 335 Rock Chips: Carbonate Concretions, Part 2
S/O 99 298 Geo-Currents: Coral
J/F 00 13 Geo-Currents: Water Woes
M/A 00 90 Geo-Currents: Recent Quakes
M/J 00 Geo-Currents: Hot News from the Deep Sea
J/A 00 276 Spotlight on Juniors: Doing Acid Tests on Rocks and Minerals
J/A 00 220 Geo-Currents: Geology and Climate Change
N/D 00 376 Geo-Currents: Out of This World
M/J 01 154 Geo-currents: building mountains by wearing them down

J/A 88 312 Micromounts-- Past and Present
M/J 89 227 Through the 'Scope: A Few Tips for the Collecting Season
N/D 89 499 Through the 'Scope: Interview with Amold Hampson
J/F 90 56 Through the Scope: History of the Neal Yedlin Memorial Micromount symposium at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
J/F 90 58 Through the Scope: Wulfenite Occurrences in Colorado
M/A 90 162 Through the Scope: Displaying Microminerals- One Club's Solutions
M/J 90 240 Through the Scope: Microminerals of the Caledonia Mine, Ontonagon County,
S/O 90 412 Amygdule minerals in the Keweenawan Basalt, South Range Quarry, Douglas Conty,
S/O 90 448 Through the scope: Minerals at the Clara Mine, Wolbach, Germany - an update
M/J 91 226 Through the Scope: Microminerals at Rock Island Dam Douglas county, Washington
J/A 93 260 Through the Scope: A Closer Look at The Complete Book of Micromounting
M/J 94 180 Through the Scope: Collecting Microminerals at Cove Creek, Magnet Cove, Arkansas
M/A 95 123 Through the Scope: Profile of a Micromounter
J/A 95 269 Through the Scope: Buying Russian Microminerals
N/D 95 420 Through the scope: Microminerals of Connecticut
M/A 96 134 Through the scope: collecting microminerals in the Arkansas antimony district
N/D 96 402 Through the 'Scope: Some Significant Micromineral Collections: Where are They Now?
J/F 97 63 Through the Scope: The Micromount Collection of Paul Seel
M/A 97 129 Through the Scope: Tarred with the Same Brush
S/O 97 344 Through the Scope: In Memoriam The Flambeau Mine, Rusk County, Wisconsin, June 1993-March 1997
J/F 98 59 Through the Scope: History of the Arthur M. Roe Memorial Micromount Symposium
M/A 98 131 Through the Scope: Miscellaneous Micronotes
N/D 98 424 Through the 'Scope: An Open-Frame Gimbal Mechanical Stage for Use with
M/A 99 129 Through the 'Scope: The Year in Micromounting
M/J 99 196 Through the 'Scope: The Willet Raney Willis Micromineral Collection at the U. S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs
J/A 00 268 Through the 'Scope: Secrets under the 'Scope
M/A 01 128 Through the scope: Austinite and other microminerals from the Ojuela Mine
M/A 01 Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
J/A 01 267 Through the 'scope: the year in micromounting - 2000 was year for saying goodbye
M/J 02 181 Through the scope: the year in micromounting - 2001 was a year of change
J/A 02 270 Through the scope: making your own photomicrography light

J/A 82 158 Audio Visuals about the Earth Sciences
J/A 82 160 Who's Who in Mineral Names-Arthur Montgomery
J/F 83 26 Who's Who in Mineral Names-Wilfred Reinhardt Welsh and Thomas Allan
M/J 85 136 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Eberhardt William Heinrich
S/O 85 227 World News on Mineral Occurrences
S/O 85 232 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Frank Collins Tinsley and Frederick Alexander Canfield
J/F 86 13 New York Mineralogical Club 100-Year anniversary
J/F 87 16 A Tribute to Peter Zodac (1894-1967), Founder and First Editor of Rocks and Minerals
J/F 87 38 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Forrest E. Cureton II and Michael E. Cureton
M/A 87 90 The 100th Anniversary of the New York Mineralogical Club
M/A 87 120 Who's Who in Mineral Names: John George Cowles and Maynard Bixby
M/J 87 161 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Minerals Named for Michigan Mineralogists and
S/O 87 315 Ohio Geological Survey Celebrates 150th Anniversary
N/D 88 460 Palermo Revisited: Harvard Hosts a Mine Party
J/F 90 54 Facts about Friends of Mineralogy
J/F 90 63 Rock Chips: Upon my demise
S/O 90 404 Rocks for the fountain of freedom, Independence mall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
J/F 92 17 Using the Latitude and Longitude Coordinate System to Pinpoint Localities
M/A 93 92 GM Presents Car to Smithsonian at Detroit Show
J/A 93 220 Changes in Properties of Minerals Caused by Publication
M/J 94 169 A Tucson Retrospective
M/A 95 104 Wedding at the Palermo No 1 Mine
N/D 95 378 Connecticut Gems &Gem Minerals
M/J 96 158 Guest Editorial: The Place of Descriptive Mineralogy in Modern Science
M/A 97 89 Guest Editorial: The Light-a-Candle Value
M/A 98 118 Mineralogical Computer Databases: Which One is Best for You?
J/A 98 240 Guest Editorial: Why Can't They Get It Right?
J/F 01 22 Peter Carl Fabrege comes to Tucson
J/A 01 262 For $50 or less
S/O 02 350 Let's get it right: the -hedrals: euhedral, subhedral and anhedral
N/D 02 398 The use of brackets in crystal descriptions
N/D 02 414 An easy field test for distinguishing sodium from potassium water-soluble minerals
N/D 02 416 Let's get it right: disbelieving dissolution
J/F 03 52 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Bernardino Rivadavia (1780-1845)
J/F 03 54 Who's Who in the names of type minerals from the countries of the Andes

J/F 83 20 Collections and Displays-The Cleveland Ohio, Museum of Natural History, with Emphasis on the A. F. Holden Hall of Geology
M/J 85 125 Collections & Displays: Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota
S/O 85 223 Collections & Displays: A "Pathway to the Past" at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History,Cincinnati, Ohio
J/F 87 42 Collections and Displays: The Lizzadro Museum, Elmhurst, Illinois
J/A 87 264 Collections and Displays: McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina
S/O 87 321 Collections and Displays: The National Museum of Natural Sciences, Ottawa, Canada
J/F 88 40 Collections and Displays: The Proctor Collection, Colorado Springs; Colorado
M/A 88 132 Collections and Displays: The Perkins and Ann Sams Mineral Collection in the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas
J/A 88 300 Collections and Displays: The Grainger Hall of Gems, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois
M/J 89 216 Collections and Displays: The Kingman Museum of Natural History, Battle Creek, Michigan
J/A 89 330 Geology, Mineral, and Fossil Collections and Displays in Arkansas
J/F 90 42 Collections and Displays: California State Mining and Mineral Museum, Mariposa, California
S/O 90 426 Collections and displays : the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, Leadville,
N/D 90 506 Collections and Displays: San Bernadino County Museum Earth Sciences Division, Redlands, California
M/A 91 150 Collections and Displays: The World Museum of Natural History, Loma Linda University, Riverside, California
S/O 91 410 Collections and Displays: Colorado Mineral Palace, Pueblo Colorado
N/D 91 486 Collections and Displays: The John S. Frankenfield Collection
M/J 92 190 Collections and Displays: The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
N/D 92 396 Collections and Displays: Biology-Earth Sciences Museum, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
J/F 93 34 Collections and Displays: Orton Geological Museum The Ohio State University,
M/J 93 184 Copper Country's Newest Attraction: Keweenaw National Historical Park
J/F 94 54 A Pilgrimage to Silver: Museums, Shows & Mines in Kongsberg, Norway
N/D 95 383 The Wesleyan museum of natural history, Middleton, Connecticut
M/A 96 118 Mineral masterpieces in Vienna: a look at the collection at the Natural History
M/J 96 187 The Pearl of St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg University's Mineral Collection
J/A 96 252 The Perkins Museum of Geology and the History of the Vermont State Collection
S/O 96 304 Guest Editorial: Museum Support Groups
N/D 96 397 The Smithsonian Institution Gets a Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz Pocket
M/J 97 182 One Mineral Collector's View of the New Look for the Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, Houston Museum of Natural Science
J/A 97 246 Silverton's Historic Mayflower Mill: A Preservation Success
N/D 97 387 Missouri Mines State Historic Site, Park Hills, Missouri
N/D 97 425 Missouri Visitor Information
J/F 98 39 F.N. Ashcroft and His Collection of Swiss Minerals
J/F 98 44 The Smithsonian Institution's New Hall of Geology , Gems and Minerals
J/A 98 264 Carnegie Museum of Natural History Presents a New Mineral Showcase
S/O 98 325 A Visit to Three Scandinavian Museums
S/O 98 338 Take a Prehistoric Journey at the Denver Museum of Natural History
J/A 99 263 Some Observations (and Tips) on Exhibiting
N/D 99 417 Nevada Visitor Information
M/A 00 116 The W. M. Keck Museum of the Mackay School of Mines, Reno, Nevada
N/D 00 402 Colorado's Red Mountain Project: Mining District granted new status
J/F 01 17 A. E. Fernsman Mineralogical Museum: An Embassy on the Mineral Kingdom in Russia
J/F 01 44 Minerals of the former Soviet Union in the collections of the Carnegie Museum
M/A 01 120 The geological Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa
N/D 01 406 Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum: on the move
J/F 03 46 The Szenics Collection of contemporary Chilean Minerals :A new addition to the

J/F 87 31 Projects and Activities: Assembling a Microscope Illuminator for Micromounts
J/A 87 258 Mineral Photography: Film and lights
N/D 88 473 Mineral Photography: Lights and Metering
S/O 90 421 Mineral photography: beyond the specimen - a look at backgrounds
M/A 91 155 Through the 'Scope: An Interview with Dan Behnke
M/A 92 120 Through the Scope: Mineral Photography through the Microscope
M/A 01 102 Digital Mineral Photography

J/F 90 32 New Fossil Stamps Issued
M/J 92 170 New Mineral Stamps to Be Issued
N/D 92 400 New Canadian Mineral Stamps Issued
M/J 93 168 Mining America: A Pictorial Postcard History
J/A 93 243 Covering the Geological Sciences: A Philatelic Viewpoint
M/A 94 120 Canada's Dinosaur Stamps and their Artist
S/O 98 348 Stereophotographs: The 3-D View of Geology and Mining History

State Index
M/J 85 109 Mineral Localities in the Black Hills of South Dakota
M/J 89 184 Georgia Mineral Locality Index
N/D 90 512 Ohio Mineral Locality Index: Finlay Arch and Serpent Mound Districts
M/J 91 196 Texas Mineral Locality Index
M/J 94 156 Louisiana Mineral Locality Index
J/A 95 242 Idaho Mineral Locality Index
S/O 95 320 Alabama Mineral Locality Index
N/D 95 386 Minerals of Connecticut: A checklist
N/D 95 396 Connecticut mineral locality index
S/O 96 324 Vermont Mineral Locality Index
J/A 97 252 Oklahoma Mineral Locality Index
M/A 98 98 Missouri Mineral Locality Index
N/D 98 378 Wisconsin Mineral Locality Index
N/D 99 370 Nevada Mineral Locality Index
N/D 01 380 Wyoming mineral locality index
N/D 02 404 Iowa mineral locality index

J/F 83 5 Ninth Rochester Academy of Science Mineralogical Symposium Honors Paul E.
S/O 84 223 11th Rochester Academy of Science Mineralogical Symposium
S/O 85 230 Shows & Symposia: 6th Annual New Mexico Mineral Symposium, Socorro, New
M/A 87 114 13th Rochester Academy of Science Mineralogical Symposium--Contributed Papers Specimen Mineralogy
J/A 87 270 Shows and Symposia: The Boston Mineralogical Symposium, Cambridge,
M/A 88 126 14th Rochester Academy of Science Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy
M/A 88 153 Shows and Symposia: The Bancroft Rockhound Gemboree, Bancroft, Ontario,
N/D 88 454 15th Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/J 89 220 Shows and Symposia: Spruce Pine, North Carolina, Host to Long-running Mineral and Gem Festival
N/D 89 468 16th Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
J/F 91 40 17th Rochester Mineralogical Symposium- Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy
M/A 92 111 18th Rochester Mineralogical Symposium--Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/A 93 122 Nineteenth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/A 94 115 Twentieth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/A 95 126 Twenty-first Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/J 96 191 Twenty-second Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/A 97 120 Twenty-third Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy (Part 1)
M/J 97 163 Mineralientage Munchen '96, A Visitor's Impressions
M/J 97 168 Minerals at Munich, A 1996 Show Report
M/J 97 186 Twenty-third Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy (Part 2)
M/J 98 196 Twenty-fourth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy
M/J 99 181 Twenty-Fifth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
M/J 00 170 Twenty-Sixth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers on Specimen
J/A 00 253 Twenty-Sixth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen
J/A 01 252 Twenty Seventh Rochester Symposium : Contributed papers in Specimen Mineralogy
M/J 02 168 Twenty-eigth Rochester Mineralogical symposium: contributed papers in specimen
J/A 02 239 Twenty-eigth Rochester symposium: contributed papers in specimen mineralogy part2

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