S/O 97 340 Connoisseur's Choice: Spodumene var. Kunzite, Nuristan, Afghanistan


J/F 02 10 Welcome to the Minerals of Africa

J/F 02 25 African Type-Minerals: Minerals first described from African localities

J/F 02 44 What's New in African Minerals: A pictorial of classic and recent specimens

M/A 02 108 Colored gemstones of Africa


J/A 87 222 George Smith, Australian Mineralogical Hero


S/O 98 314 The Curly Malachite of Schwaz-Brixlegg, Tyrol, Austria: New Find from 5,000-Year-Old Locality

S/O 02 328 Connoisseur's Choice: Epidote, Knappenwald, Untersulzbachtal, Salzburg, Austria


M/A 94 112 Connoisseur's Choice: Vivianite, Morococala Area, Oruro, Bolivia

N/D 00 410 Pseudomorphs from Bolivia: A Review

N/D 00 394 The El Desierto sulfur mine, Bolivia


S/O 90 416 Quartz crystals of unusual habit from Brazil

S/O 94 310 Alpine-Cleft Mineralization at Pedreira Atalaia (the Sentinel Quarry) near Governador Vladares, Minas Gerais, Brazil

S/O 94 320 Connoisseur's Choice: Uranocircite, Sao Pedro Mine, Malacacheta District, Minas Gerais, Brazil

S/O 99 324 Connoisseur's Choice: Chrysoberyl, Minas Gerais and Bahia, Brazil, and Takovaya,

J/F 00 32 Minerals of the Brumado Magnesite Deposits, Serra das Eguas, Bahai, Brazil

J/F 00 40 Connoisseur's Choice: Brazilianite, Corrego Frio, Minas Gerais, Brazil

J/F 00 44 Minerals for Which Brazil Is the Type Locality

J/F 00 47 Who's Who in Mineral Names: People after Whom Type Minerals from Brazil Have Been Named

J/F 00 50 Collecting Tales from Brazil, Part 1

M/A 00 106 Collecting Tales from Brazil, Part 2


J/A 82 155 Spinel from Glencoe Island, Northwest Territories, Canada

J/F 83 12 Lapis Lazuli from Lake Harbour, Baffin Island, Canada

S/O 84 205 Calcite Occurrences of Ontario

M/A 95 90 Mont Saint-Hillair Revisited, Part 2

N/D 00 404 Connoisseur's Choice: Cubanite, Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada


S/O 96 344 Connoisseur's Choice: Proustite, Delores Mine, Chanarcillo, Chile

M/A 02 120 Connoisseur's Choice: Luanheite, Elisa de Bordos mine, northern Chile

J/F 03 46 The Szenics Collection of contemporary Chilean Minerals :A new addition to the


M/A 91 118 A Mineral Travelogue through the People's Republic of China: The 15th General Meeting of the IMA

S/O 99 318 Chinese Beryl Crystals Mimic Twinning


S/O 93 332 Connoisseur's Choice: Beryl, Variety Emerald, Chivor Mine, Columbia

J/A 00 250 Connoisseur's Choice: Parisite, Muzo District, Colombia


J/A 01 248 Connoisseur's Choice: Cuprite, Mashamba West Mine, Shaba, Democratic Republic

S/O 01 326 Connoisseur's Choice - malachite, Shaba Region, Democratic Republic of Congo

Czech Republic

J/A 97 248 Connoisseur's Choice: Cassiterite, Cinovec, Czech Republic


J/F 00 54 The Rogerley Mine, Weardale, County Durham, England

N/D 00 407 Collector's Note: Rogerley Mine Update, Summer 2000

N/D 00 404 Connoisseur's Choice: Liroconite, Gwennap, Cornwall, England


M/A 98 126 Connoisseur's Choice: Uvarovite, Outokumpu, Finland


J/F 98 34 Chamonix and its Alpine Minerals

J/F 98 54 Connoisseur's Choice: Fluorite on Quartz, Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, France


S/O 90 448 Through the scope: Minerals at the Clara Mine, Wolbach, Germany - an update

J/A 99 250 Connoisseur's Choice: Manganite, Ilfeld, Harz, Germany


J/A 94 248 Connoisseur's Choice: Powellite, Pandulena Hill, Nasik, Maharashtra State, India

M/J 95 176 Connoisseur's Choice: Fluorapophyllite, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

M/J 96 180 Connoisseur's Choice: Cavansite, near Wagholi, Poona District, Maharashtra, India

N/D 00 419 Let's get it right: Quartz (Not chalcedony) "fingers" from Jalgon, India

M/A 02 126 Collector's note: spectacular new apophyllite from India's Deccan Trap Basalts


M/J 93 176 Connoisseur's Choice: Dermatoid, Val Malenco Sondrio, Italy

S/O 95 314 Connoisseur's Choice: Sulfur, Perticara, Italy


J/A 93 226 Late Cenozoic Reef Mollusk Faunas from Jamaica


J/F 02 31 Aegerine and associated minerals from Mount Malosa, Malawi


M/A 95 120 Connoisseur's Choice: Wulfenite, San Francisco Mine, Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico

M/A 99 103 Tales from Mexico, Part 2

M/A 01 128 Through the scope: Austinite and other microminerals from the Ojuela Mine Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

S/O 01 347 Naica's glittering new crystal cave, Chihuahua, Mexico

J/A 02 248 Connoisseur's Choice: Pyrargyrite, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico


J/A 87 248 Bornite Crystals from Morocco and the USSR

S/O 89 393 Phacops (or Fake-ops?) from Morocco: Restoration and Beyond

J/F 95 40 Connoisseur's Choice: Vanadinite, Mibladen, Morocco

M/A 99 122 Connoisseur's Choice: Anglesite in Galena, Touissit Mine. Oujda, Morocco


M/J 97 176 Connoisseur's Choice: Cerussite, Tsumeb, Namibia

M/J 99 178 Connoisseur's Choice: Prehnite, Brandberg, Namibia

M/J 00 176 Connoisseur's Choice: Smithsonite, Tsumeb, Namibia

M/A 01 114 Connoisseur's Choice: Mimetite, Tsumeb, Namibia

J/F 02 18 Tsumeb

J/F 02 40 Connoisseurs's Choice: Azurite, Tsumeb, Namibia and Toussit, Oujada, Morocco

M/J 02 176 Connoisseur's choice: Dioptase, Tsumeb, Namibia


J/F 94 54 A Pilgrimage to Silver: Museums, Shows & Mines in Kongsberg, Norway

N/D 400 Connosieur's Choice: Anatase, Hardangervidda, Ullensvang, Norway


M/A 93 112 Connoisseur's Choice: Fluorapatite, Inna Nala, near Fighar Village, Nagar District, Pakistan

S/O 01 351 Let's get it right: clinozoisite and epidote from Pakistan


J/F 86 25 Second edition: collecting in the big ditch - quartz minerals in the canal zone


N/D 541 Rock Chips: How Did the Incas Create Such Beautiful Stonemasonry?

J/F 03 40 Connoisseur's Choice : Silver, Uchucchacua, Peru


J/A 98 282 Connoisseur's Choice: Ferberite, Panasqueira, Portugal


J/A 95 269 Through the Scope: Buying Russian Microminerals

J/F 01 10 Mineral Collecting in Russia

J/F 01 17 A. E. Fernsman Mineralogical Museum: An Embassy on the Mineral Kingdom in Russia

J/F 01 24 Recent findings of unique mineralogical Specimens on the Kola Peninsula

J/F 01 40 Connoisseur's Choice: Sperrylite, Talnakh, Noril'sk District, Siberia, Russia

J/F 01 50 Mineral adventures in Russia

South Africa

S/O 00 344 Connoisseur's Choice: Diamond, Jagersfontein Mine, Free State Province, South

M/A 01 120 The geological Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa

J/F 02 38 South African Mineral Artist Rainer Jackle (b. 1971)

J/F 02 54 The Karoo Supergroup: A geological and paleontological superlative

M/A 02 94 Spectacular minerals from the Kalahari manganese field, South Africa

South America

J/F 03 11 Welcome to the Minerals of the Andes

J/F 03 12 Minerals of the Andes: Emeralds, Gold, and Silver from the sky


J/F 98 14 Alpine Minerals: A Review of the Most Famous Localities of the Central Swiss Alps

M/J 98 206 Connoisseur's Choice: Hematite, Cavradi, Switzerland


M/A 97 94 Amethyst, Agate, and Calcite "Skunks" from Uruguay


S/O 98 352 Connoisseur's Choice: Metatorbernite, Shaba District, Zaire

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