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revised 04/04/2012

Mineralogy Richard April, Colgate University
Gems and Gem Materials Jill Banfield, University of California, Berkeley
Mineralogy John Brady, Smith College
Mineralogy Bob Downs & Giba Ganguly, University of Arizona
Mineralogy Barb Dutrow, Louisiana State University
Mineralogy and Optics Inci Evren Ertan and Andreas Luttge, Rice University
Mineralogy Steve Guggenheim, University of Illinois at Chicago
Mineralogy Mickey Gunter, University of Idaho
Mineralogy Bill Hames, Auburn University
Mineralogy Dave Hirsch, Western Washington University
Mineralogy Andrea Koziol, University of Dayton
Mineralogy Helen Lang, West Virginia University
Mineralogy & Optics Bill Leeman, Rice University
Mineralogy Erwin Mantei, Southwest Missouri State University
Mineralogy and Petrology Penelope Morton, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Earth Materials Jill Dill Pasteris, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Mineralogy Joseph Smyth, University of Colorado
Earth Materials Bradley Singer, University of Wisconsin

If you would like to add (or remove) your mineralogy course page to (or from) this list, please e-mail John Brady jbrady@smith.edu

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