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Volume 19: Hydrous Phyllosilicates (Exclusive of Micas)

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Front Cover of Reviews in Mineralogy vol 19

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Volume 19: Hydrous Phyllosilicates (Exclusive of Micas)
S. W. Bailey, editor

1988, i-xiii + 725 pages. ISBN 0-939950-23-5; ISBN13 978-0-939950-23-2

Volume 13 of Reviews in Mineralogy presented much of our present-day knowledge of micas. At the time of that volume (1984), I mentioned that there was too much material available to attempt to cover all of the hydrous phyllosilicates in one volume. The micas were treated first because of their abundance in nature and the fact that more detailed studies had been carried out on them than on the rest of the phyllosilicates. The serpentines, kaolins, smectites, chlorites, etc. would have to wait their turn. Now, four years later, that tum has come. Hence the peculiar nature of the title of this volume.

We know less about the rest of the phyllosilicates than we do about the micas, primarily because many of them are of finer grain sizes and lower crystallinities than most of the micas. As a result, we have been unable to determine as much detail regarding their structures, crystal chemistries, and origins. Nevertheless, there is a considerable body of literature about them, and this volume will attempt to collate and evaluate that literature. One compensating factor that has helped greatly in the accumulation of knowledge about these minerals is that some of them occur in large deposits that are of great economic value and thus stimulate interest. For this reason considerable emphasis in this volume will be related to the occurrence, origin, and petrology of the minerals.

S. W. Bailey, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
September 1,1988

The authors of this volume presented a short course by the same title to about 120 participants in Denver, Colorado, October 29-30,1988, just prior to the 100th anniversary meeting of the Geological Society of America. S. W. ("Bull") Bailey convened the course and edited this volume, his second for Reviews in Mineralogy. Because he is retiring at the end of this academic year after 38 years' teaching at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), his colleagues, friends and I (a diligent student of "Bull" thirty years ago) agreed that it would be appropriate to dedicate this volume to him, odd though it seems to have him editing a book honoring himself. He had no advance knowledge of this dedication.

Paul H. Ribbe, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA, Series Editor
September 16,1988

Contents of Volume 19

Title Page
p. i

p. ii

Foreword & Dedication
p. iii

Table of Contents
p. iv - xii

Preface & Acknowledgements
p. xiii

Chapter 1. Introduction
by S. W. Bailey, p. 1 - 8

Chapter 2. Polytypism of 1:1 Layer Silicates
by S. W. Bailey, p. 9 - 28

Chapter 3. Kaolin Minerals: Structures and Stabilities
by S. W. Bailey, p. 29 - 66

Chapter 4. Kaolin Minerals: Their Genesis and Occurrences
by Haydn H. Murray, p. 67 - 90

Chapter 5. Serpentine Minerals: Structures and Petrology
by Frederick J. Wick & D. S. O'Hanley, p. 91 - 168

Chapter 6. Structures and Compositions of Other Trioctahedral 1:1 Phyllosilicates
by S.W. Bailey, p. 169 - 188

Chapter 7. Isotopic Studies of Phyllosilicates
by Samuel M. Savin and M. Lee, p. 189 - 224

Chapter 8. Talc, Pyrophyllite, and Related Minerals
by Bernard W. Evans and Stephen J. Guggenheim, p. 225 - 294

Chapter 9. Stability, Phase Relations, and Thermodynamic Properties of Chlorite and Serpentine Group Minerals
by Joseph V. Chernosky, Jr., Rob G. Berman and L. Taras Bryndzia, p. 295 - 346

Chapter 10. Chlorites: Structures and Crystal Chemistry
by S.W. Bailey, p. 347 - 404

Chapter 11. Chlorites: Metamorphic Petrology
by Jo Laird, p. 405 - 454

Chapter 12. Vermiculite
by C. de la Calle and Helene Suquet, p. 455 - 496

Chapter 13. Smectites
by N. Güven, p. 497 - 560

Chapter 14. Vector Representation of Phyllosilicate Compositions
by Donald M. Burt, p. 561 - 600

Chapter 15. Mixed Layer Chlorite Minerals
by Robert C. Reynolds, Jr., p. 601 - 630

Chapter 16. Sepiolite and Palygorskite
by Blair F. Jones and Emilio Galan Huertos, p. 631 - 674

Chapter 17. Crystal Chemistry, Classification, and Identification of Modulated Layer Silicates
by Stephen J. Guggenheim and Richard A. Eggleton, p. 675 - 725

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