Corrections to Reviews in Mineralogy Vol. 43 รณ Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Chapter 2 "Rates and Mechanisms of Isotopic Exchange"

Pages 83 - 223

David R. Cole and Sumit Chakraborty

On page 96, Figure 5: The y-axis on a should read from 0 to 60 per mil in 10 per mil increments; add (-) sign to y-axis in (b).

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On page 121, Figure 15b: The label for the upper quartz-water data should read 600oC, 24 hrs

On page 125, Figure 17: The y-axis units should read ln R (mole O/m2/s)

Table 2: Units for (CR) controlled exchange are moles O (or H)/m2 /s

Table 3: Footnotes were inadvertently omitted during production

  1. Pressures given as either total fluid, O2 or CO2 pressure; in some cases only partial pressures of O are given; some studies give no details
  2. Refer to footnote (c) Appendix 2, transport //c axis, (m m,nm ) = grain size.
  3. H2O=liquid water, O2=pure oxygen gas, CO2=pure carbon dioxide gas, CO2:H2 O mixture at 50:50, NaCl electrolyte at 6M concentration.
  4. GB=grain boundary diffusion as described in the text, dislocation refers to boundaries encountered in single crystals whose depth profiles exhibit "tailing."
  5. Refer to footnote (g) in Appendix 2.
  6. Do = pre-exponential factor (D=Do exp(-Ea/RT)), in cm3/s unless specified otherwise.
  7. * in front of reference refers to a refitting of the diffusivities as a function of 1/T.