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MSA Award

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Description of the Award     Recipients     Submitting a Nomination

Description of the Award

MSA Award

The Mineralogical Society of America Award is intended to recognize outstanding published contributions to the science of mineralogy by relatively young individuals or individuals near the beginning of their professional careers. The work must have been accomplished either [1] before reaching the age of 35 or [2] within 7 years of the awarding of the terminal degree. If the former, the candidate must be 36 years old or younger on January 1 of the year the award is decided. If the latter, the award must be decided prior to December 31 of the seventh year past the terminal degree. These time limits for the award can be extended for up to two years based on circumstances which have interrupted the nominee's career (i.e., serious illness, child birth, care giver, etc.). Mineralogy is broadly defined and the candidate need not qualify as a mineralogist. Rather, her/his published record should be related to the mineralogical sciences and should make some outstanding contribution to them. Nationality or place of employment shall not be considered; however, current members of MSA Council are not eligible to be considered for the award. 

The recipient of the MSA Award receives a certificate and is made a Life Fellow of the Society.

Recipients of the MSA Award

With Links to the Presentation (P) and Acceptance (A) Articles

1951 Orville F. Tuttle 
1952 Frederick H. Stewart 
1953 L.H. Ahrens 
1954 Hatten S. Yoder, Jr. 
1955 Julian R. Goldsmith 
1956 George C. Kennedy 
1957 Rustum Roy 
1958 Charles E. Weaver 
1959 Harry F.W. Taylor 
1960 Donald L. Graf 
1961 Joseph V. Smith 
1962 Douglas S. Coombs 
1963 Nobuo Morimoto 
1964 William S. Fyfe
1965 Peter J. Wyllie
1966 David B. Stewart
1967 Alfred E. Ringwood
1968 Barclay Kamb
1969 W. Gary Ernst
1970 Bernard W. Evans
1971 Robert A. Berner
1972 Arthur L. Boettcher
1973 Paul Brian Moore
1974 James J. Papike
1975 Roger G. Burns 
1976 Friedrich A. Seifert
1977 J.G. Liou
1978 J. Stephen Huebner
1979 Ho-Kwang Mao
1980 Susan Werner Kieffer
1981 Alexandra Navrotsky
1982 Robert M. Hazen 
1983 David R. Veblen 
1984 Bernard J. Wood
1985 John M. Ferry
1986 Antonio C. Lasaga
1987 Donald J. DePaolo 
1988 Raymond Jeanloz
1989 Michael A. Carpenter 
1990 Russell J. Hemley 
1991 Mark D. Barton 
1992 Jonathan Stebbins 
1993 Lukas Baumgartner P, A
1994 Ronald E. Cohen P, A
1995 Zachary S. Sharp P, A
1996 Donald B. Dingwell P, A
1997 Jillian F. Banfield P, A
1998 James M. Brenan P, A
1999 Yingwei Fei P, A
2000 Quentin Williams P, A
2001 Peter C. Burns P, A
2002 John M. Eiler P, A
2003 Guillaume Fiquet P, A
2004 Kevin M. Rosso P, A
2005 Tiziana Boffa-Ballaran P, A
2006 Daniel J. Frost P, A
2007 Richard John Harrison P, A
2008 James Badro P, A
2009 Thomas Patrick Trainor P, A
2010 Benjamin Gilbert P, A
2011 Motohiko Murakami P, A
2012 Karim Benzerara P, A
2013 Wendy Li-Wen Mao P, A
2014 Fang-Zhen Teng P, A
2015 Nicholas J. Tosca P, A
2016 Anat Shahar
2017 Dustin Trail

Submitting Nominations for the MSA Award

Nominations for the award consist of a completed Nomination Checklist, a cover letter from the nominator outlining the candidate's qualifications in light of the criteria for the award, any supplementary materials, such as abbreviated vitae and selected bibliography of 20 titles or less that bear on the award criteria, and supporting letters from at least three (3) but no more than five (5) other individuals that are focused on how the candidate meets the criteria of the award.

The completed nomination package must be sent to the committee chair and received by June 1 for consideration by the Committee for the following year's award.

2017 Chair of the MSA Award Nomination Committee (for the 2018 MSA Award)

Abby Kavner
University of California-Los Angeles
Dept of Earth & Space Science
595 Charles Young Dr E
Los Angeles CA 90095-1567
ph: +1 (310) 206-3675
fax: +1 (310) 825-2779
e-mail: akavner@ucla.edu
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