American Mineralogist - January 2014 Data

Alina Izatulina, Vladislav Gurzhiy and 
Olga Frank-Kamenetskaya
Weddellite from renal stones: Structure refinement and dependence of crystal chemical features on H2O content   2
Item #AM-14-107

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Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat and Jason W. Triplett
Erionite and offretite from the Killdeer Mountains, Dunn County, North Dakota, U.S.A.   8
Item #AM-14-110

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Gregory J. Finkelstein, Przemyslaw K. Dera, 
Sandro Jahn, Artem R. Oganov, Christopher M. Holl, Yue Meng and Thomas S. Duffy
Phase transitions and equation of state of forsterite to 90 GPa from single-crystal X-ray diffraction and molecular modeling   35
Item #AM-14-103

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Gregor Markl, Michael A.W. Marks, Insa Derrey and Jan-Erik Gühring
Weathering of cobalt arsenides: Natural assemblages and calculated stability relations among secondary Ca-Mg-Co arsenates and carbonates   44
Item #AM-14-106

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Artur Benisek, Edgar Dachs and Herbert Kroll
Thermochemistry of the alkali feldspars: Calorimetric study of the entropy relations in the low albite–low microcline series   76
Item #AM-14-104

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Alain Manceau, S. Skanthakumar and L. Soderholm
PDF analysis of ferrihydrite: Critical assessment of the under-constrained akdalaite model   102
Item #AM-14-111

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Gianfranco Ulian, Giovanni Valdrè, Marta Corno and 
Piero Ugliengo    117
Item #AM-14-101

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Paola Bonazzi, Giovanni O. Lepore, Luca Bindi, 
Christian Chopin, Tomas A. Husdal and Olaf Medenbach
Perbøeite-(Ce) and alnaperbøeite-(Ce), two new members of the epidote-törnebohmite polysomatic series: Chemistry, structure, dehydrogenation, and clue for a sodian epidote end-member   157
Item #AM-14-102

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Ferdinando Bosi, Henrik Skogby, Leonid Reznitskii and Ulf Hålenius
Vanadio-oxy-dravite, NaV3(Al4Mg2)(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3O, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup   218
Item #AM-14-108

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Gabrielle Dublet, Farid Juillot, Guillaume Morin, Emmanuel Fritsch, Vincent Noel, Jessica Brest and Gordon E. Brown Jr.
XAS evidence for Ni sequestration by siderite in a lateritic Ni-deposit from New Caledonia   225
Item #AM-14-105

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Anton R. Chakhmouradian, Mark A. Cooper, Neil Ball, Ekaterina P. Reguir, Luca Medici, Yassir A. Abdu and 
Anton A. Antonov
Vladykinite, Na3Sr4(Fe2+Fe3+)Si8O24: A new complex sheet silicate from peralkaline rocks of the Murun complex, eastern Siberia, Russia   235
Item #AM-14-109

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