Deposit Items for Volume 84, No. 5-6, May-June, 1999

Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Edward S. Grew
The crystal chemistry of sogdianite, a milarite-group mineral   764

Item #AM-99-008

Cooper_p764_99_Table6.html (20 K)
Table 6. Observed and calculated structure factors for Sogdianite in P6/mcc

Frank C. Hawthorne, David K. Teertstra, and Petr Cerny´
Crystal-structure refinement of a rubidian cesian phlogopite   778

Item #AM-99-009

Hawthorne_p778_99_Table4.html (24 K)
Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors for rubidian cesian phlogopite in C2/m

Roberta Oberti, Luisa Ottolini, Fernando Camara, and Giancarlo Della Ventura
Crystal structure of non-metamict Th-rich hellandite-(Ce) from Latium (Italy) and crystal chemistry of the hellandite-group minerals   913

Item #AM-99-010

Oberti_p913_99_Table4.html (80 K)
Table 4. Observed and Calculated Structure Factors

Oberti_p913_99_Table5.html (8 K)
Table 5. Anisotropic components (x 104) of the atomic displacement parameters

Erich S. Bloodaxe, John M. Hughes, M. Darby Dyar, Edward S. Grew, and Charles V. Guidotti
Linking structure and chemistry in the Schorl-Dravite series   922

Item #AM-99-012

Bloodaxe_p922_99_Table4.html (124 K)
Table 4. Anisotropic thermal parameters

Gabriele Giuli, Paola Bonazzi, and Silvio Menchetti
Al-Fe disorder in synthetic epidotes: A single-crystal X-ray diffraction study   933

Item #AM-99-011

Giuli_p933_99_Table4a.html (4 K)
Table 4a. Observed and calculated structure factors for synthetic epidotes

Giuli_p933_99_Table4b.html (64 K)
Table 4b. Fractional atomic coordinates and anisotropic displacement factors

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