Deposit Items for Volume 96, No. 0506, May - June 2011

J.J. Papike, P.V. Burger, C.K. Shearer, S.R. Sutton, M. Newville, Y. Choi, and A. Lanzirotti
Sulfides from martian and lunar basalts: Comparative chemistry for Ni, Co, Cu, and Se   932

Item #AM-11-028

Samples And Analytical Methods
Papike_p932_11_Deposit.pdf PDF (76 K)

Chi Ma, Anthony R. Kampf, Harold C. Connolly Jr., John R. Beckett, George R. Rossman, Stuart A. Sweeney Smith, and Devin L. Schrader
Krotite, CaAl2O4, a new refractory mineral from the NWA 1934 meteorite   709

Item #AM-11-030

Krotite Crystallographic Information File
Ma_p709_11_Krotite.cif cif (28 KB)

Luca Bindi and Silvio Menchetti
Fast ion conduction character and ionic phase-transition in silver sulfosalts: The case of fettelite [Ag6As2S7][Ag10HgAs2S8]   792

Item #AM-11-025

Fettelite Crystallographic Information File
Bindi_p792_11_fettelite.cif cif (72 KB)

Madison C. Barkley, Robert T. Downs, and Hexiong Yang
Structure of walstromite, BaCa2Si3O9, and its relationship to CaSiO3-walstromite and wollastonite-II   797

Item #AM-11-027

Tables 3 and 4 (Anisotropic displacement parameters and selected bond distances)
Barkley_p797_11_Tables.pdf pdf (44 KB)
Walstromite Crystallographic Information File
Barkley_p797_11_walstromite.cif cif (16 KB)

Masanori Matsui, Kazuki Komatsu, Emi Ikeda, Asami Sano-Furukawa, Hirotada Gotou, and Takehiko Yagi
The crystal structure of δ-Al(OH)3: Neutron diffraction measurements and ab initio calculations   854

Item #AM-11-024

δ-Al(OH)3 Crystallographic Information File
Matsui_p854_11_dAlOD3.cif cif (4 KB)

Ronald C. Peterson
Cranswickite MgSO4·4H2O, a new mineral from Calingasta, Argentina   869

Item #AM-11-026

Cranswickite Crystallographic Information Files
Peterson_p869_11_cranswickite.cif cif (372 K)

Cristian Biagioni, Elena Bonaccorsi, Marco Pasero, Yves Moëlo, Marco E. Ciriotti, Danilo Bersani, Athos Maria Callegari, and Massimo Boiocchi
Ambrinoite, (K,NH4)2(As,Sb)8S13·H2O, a new mineral from Upper Susa Valley, Piedmont, Italy: The first natural (K,NH4)-hydrated sulfosalt   878

Item #AM-11-029

Ambrinoite Crystallographic Information Files
Biagioni_p878_11_ambrinoite.cif cif (52 K)

Darrell J. Henry, Milan Novák (chairman), Frank C. Hawthorne, Andreas Ertl, Barbara L. Dutrow, Pavel Uher, and Federico Pezzotta
Nomenclature of the tourmaline-supergroup minerals   895

Item #AM-11-036

Excel spreadsheet program to calculate the dominant cation or anion of the dominant valency on given sites to directly establish subgroup and species.
Henry_p895_11_TourmalineSpecies.xls Microsoft Excel (16 K)

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