Deposit Items for Volume 88, No. 1, January, 2003

Paola Bonazzi, Luca Bindi, and Giancarlo Parodi
Gatelite-(Ce), a new REE-bearing mineral from Trimouns, French Pyrenees: Crystal structure and polysomatic relationships with epidote and törnebohmite-(Ce)   223

Item #AM-02-020

Table 5. List of squared observed and calculated structure factors for gatelite
Bonazzi_p223_03_Tabl5.doc Word document (4.3 MB)

Andrew J. Locock and Peter C. Burns
The crystal structure of synthetic autunite, Ca[(UO2)(PO4)]2(H2O)11   240

Item #AM-03-021

Table 3. Anisotropic displacement parameters (Å2 x 103) for autunite
Locock_p240_02_Table3.doc Word document (28 K)

Table 4. Observed and calculated structure factors for autunite
Locock_p240_02_Table4.xls Excel document (208 K)

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